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  • President’s Admission Scholarships

    If you have an admission average of 95.0% or more, you may receive a $5,000 President’s Admission Scholarship.  To date, we’ve offered over 250 scholarships to high-performing students entering UCalgary.

  • Faculty of Law Awards

    Deadline: May 1

    All continuing and newly admitted law students are encouraged to apply for the Faculty of Law awards. Learn more.

  • ConocoPhillips Canada Centennial Scholarship

    Deadline: May 19, 2017

    Valued at $10,000, the ConocoPhillips Canada Centennial scholarship recognizes students' academic excellence and demonstrated leadership. Apply now.

  • High School Award Selection

    Competitive high school award applications are being reviewed. Recipients will be notified by email near early June - check your UCalgary email account.

  • IB Diploma Entrance Scholarships

    If you’re completing the full IB diploma program, you will be considered for these scholarships in August. Make sure you provide the Admissions Office with a transcript of your IB Diploma grades by August 1.  Recipients will be notified by automated email in the middle of August.

  • International Entrance Scholarships and Awards

    Recipients of the International Entrance Scholarships and Awards will be notified by email at the end of April - check your UCalgary email account.

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Entrance Awards

The university offers scholarships and bursaries to students on the basis of their high school grades. To be considered for an Entrance Award you must first apply for admission.

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Continuing Student Awards

You're eligible for Continuing Student Awards if you've completed studies at the university and are still in the process of working toward an academic credential.

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Professional Program Awards

The Cumming School of Medicine (MD program), the Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine provide scholarships, awards and bursaries to support their students.

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Graduating Student Awards

The highest academic distinction earned by a student in a faculty or program.

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Government Awards

The Government of Alberta offers a number of scholarship program for Alberta residents.

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External Awards

Available from many sources, and have a variety of criteria and deadlines.

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  • Chancellor’s Club Scholarships

    Award Value: $40,000 over four years

    Number of Awards: 10

    Deadline: December 15

  • ConocoPhillips Canada Centennial Scholarship

    Award Value: up to $10,000

    Number of Awards: 6

    Deadline: May 19, 2017

  • Schulich School of Engineering Scholarship and Awards

    Award Value: $37,200 to $61,800 over three years

    Number of Awards: Variable

    Deadline: December 15

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