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Tax Information

The 2023 T2202 and T4A tax receipts are ready to download in your Student Centre.

Understanding your taxes

The T2202 tax receipt will contain applicable fees, as well as the number of eligible full or part-time months of study. ​

The T2202 will only contain fees assessed within the tax year (January – December) that have been paid. If you have not paid fees assessed in the tax year, they will be absent from the T2202. Please note that not all fees paid to UCalgary will be present on the T2202. ​

Tuition tax receipts are available in late February for the preceding tax year. You can access your T2202 through the My Financials section of the Student Centre.​

Students who paid the UGRD donation fee, GRD donation fee, or EN endowment will be able to download a donation tax receipt. This will be available at the same time as the T2202 and can also be accessed through the Student Centre (https://my.ucalgary.ca). 

The T4A is issued electronically to students who receive UCalgary scholarships, awards, bursaries fellowships etc.​

T4 and T4As are accessed through My UCalgary.​

Students who have received a UCalgary scholarship/award/bursary can access their T4A slip by logging in at my.ucalgary.ca and selecting "view my T4/T4A" under "Quick Links".​

The UCalgary T4A will only contain payments for non-employment income issued by the University of Calgary. If you receive awards, scholarships, or funding from an external stakeholder, then that external funder would have to issue you a T4A (as long as the payment was more than $500).​

If you would like us to add your Social Insurance Number to your past tax receipts, it can be done by submitting a Service Request through your Student Centre. Please update your SIN using the steps outlined here, or contact Enrolment Services for assistance. ​

Once the SIN is on file, you can request an updated T2202 receipt by submitting a “Request T2202 Update” Service Request through the Student Centre. Instructions for completing a service request can be found here.

You will receive a T4A if the total amount you received in grants + scholarships + awards exceeds $500.​

As long as you have a verified email in your Student Aid account, you will be notified electronically to view and print your T4As.​

You will only receive a printed T4A in the mail if:​

  • You received an Alberta scholarship that is not available online​
  • You have not verified you email address​
  • Your account has been set to paper communications

If you need T4As for Federal grants you must log in to your account at NSLSC Online Services.​

Please note: Students generally are not required to pay taxes on grant funding they have received. If you have questions about your T4As and filing taxes, you should contact the CRA directly.​

Loans are not considered income. T4As are not issued for student loan funding.​

The UCalgary T4A will only contain payments for non-employment income issued by UCalgary. This includes internally administered awards, research stipends, etc. If you received funds from an External Award, that organization would have to issue a T4A if payment was more than $500.00.​​

Payments made to the student account by a Third-Party Sponsor will be reflected as payments made on the T2202 tax receipt. Sponsored Students will not receive a T4A from UCalgary. The institution paying fees to UCalgary would be responsible for producing a T4A if the amount paid is more than $500.00.​

Social Insurance Number (SIN) Information​

Domestic Students

Students must provide their SIN (How to - Updating SIN) to UCalgary through their Student Centre.​

If you haven’t already provided a SIN to UCalgary, you will see a to-do list item listed in your Student Centre requesting a SIN for tax purposes.​

International Students​

T2202 tax receipts are provided to all students to enable them to complete their Canadian tax returns. Contact a tax professional to determine whether you need to file a Canadian tax return and/or a tax return in your country of origin. Please review the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website for details on filing taxes as an international student studying in Canada.​

If you're ineligible for a SIN, you are not required to submit an International Tax Number (ITN) in lieu of the SIN. For information on how to apply for SIN, please review UCalgary's ISS-Social Insurance Number webapge.

For additional information on navigating Canadian taxes as an international student, please review UCalgary's International Student Services webpage, or contact them for assistance at iss@ucalgary.ca.​

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The Student Union hosts a volunteer tax program for current campus community members, including staff, faculty, and students. Information on the SU Volunteer Tax Program can be found on their website.

For concerns or problems with the information contained in the T2202 or T4A tax receipt, please contact Enrolment Services.

No, having a different address on the T2202 is not an issue for filling taxes.  You can submit T2202 information and receipts even if the address is not up to date.  Make sure you have updated your address in your student center.  As per CRA, T2202 receipts are not required to file taxes, but need to be provided if requested by CRA. 

You can still access Student Centre after graduation if you remember your eID and password. For help recovering your eID or password, please contact the IT help desk





Alternatively, you can contact Enrolment Services for options.

If you owe fees for the tax year in which you need a T2202, you can print your tax receipt from Student Centre. However, the T2202 will show only the amounts paid, and will not reflect any fees which have not been paid from that calendar year.

Not all fees paid are tax deductible. Please refer to Claiming tuition fees and the education amount on Revenue Canada's website for more information.

Once all fees have been paid for the tax year, you can request an updated T2202 receipt by submitting a “Request T2202 Update” Service Request through the Student Centre. Instructions for completing a service request can be found here. If you require additional help, please contact Enrolment Services for assistance.

Yes, we can add your SIN to past tax receipts. Please update your SIN using the steps outlined here, or contact Enrolment Services for assistance. 

Once the SIN is on file, you can request an updated T2202 receipt by submitting a “Request T2202 Update” Service Request through the Student Centre. Instructions for completing a service request can be found here.

Not all the fees you pay are tax deductible, so some will not appear on the T2202. In general, funds that are collected by UCalgary for third parties are not present on the T2202: This includes Students' Union fees, Health and Dental insurance, UPass, and so on. Please contact Enrolment Services for more information on which fees are included on the document.

For questions about staff tuition support benefits and the impact to the T2202 or T4/T4A, please contact Human Resources directly.  

The T2202 will only display paid fees assessed in the tax year (Jan. to Dec.). If you paid your fees after Dec 31 of the current tax year, they may not be included in the T2202. Once the fees have been received by UCalgary, you can request an updated T2202 receipt by submitting a “Request T2202 Update” Service Request through the Student Centre. Instructions for completing a service request can be found here, or contact Enrolment Services for assistance.

Helpful Canada Revenue Agency links

For clarification regarding full-time or part-time status with respect to your taxes please contact the Canada Revenue Agency at 1.800.959.8281.