Tax information

Tax receipts are issued in accordance with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) Regulations.

T2202 Tuition Tax Receipt

The university issues T2202 slips for tuition and and indicate the number of eligible months you were a full-time or part-time student during the tax year.

Tuition tax receipts are available in late February for the preceding tax year. You can access your T2202 slip through your Student Centre.

Instructions to get your T2202 Tax slip

T4A Tuition Tax Receipt

The T4A is issued electronically to students who receive UCalgary scholarships, awards, bursaries fellowships etc.

T4 and T4As are accessed through the online Student Centre.

Students who have received a UCalgary scholarship/award/bursary can access their T4A slip by logging in at and selecting "view my T4/T4A" under "Quick Links".

Alberta Student Aid T4A Income Tax Information

You will receive a T4A if the total amount you received in grants + scholarships + awards exceeds $500.

As long as you have a verified email in your Student Aid account, you will be notified electronically to view and print your T4As.

You will only receive a printed T4A in the mail if:

  • You received an Alberta scholarship that is not available online
  • You have not verified you email address
  • Your account has been set to paper communications.

If you need T4As for Federal grants you must log in to your account at NSLSC Online Services.

Please note: students generally are not required to pay taxes on grant funding they have received. If you have questions about your T4As and filing taxes, you should contact the CRA directly.

Loans are not considered income. T4As are not issued for student loan funding.

Student Donation Tax Receipt

You can view and print your official donation tax receipts from your Student Centre. If you're unable to access the donation tax receipt, or would like a copy of past donation tax receipts, please contact the Development Office at 403.210.6239 or at

Instructions to get your Student Donation Tax Receipt

What if I have a hold on my account for unpaid fees from that calendar year?

If you owe fees for the tax year in which you need a T2202, you can print your tax receipt from your Student Centre. However, the T2202 will show only the amounts paid, and will not reflect any fees which have not been paid from that calendar year. Not all fees paid are tax deductible. Please refer to Claiming Tuition Fees & the Education Amount for more information.

After all fees have been paid for the tax year, you can request an updated T2202 receipt through  Once the T2202 has been updated, you will receive an email the receipt is updated, which can be printed from the Student Centre.

I am a past student and no longer attending, how do I get my tax slip?

You can still access your Student Centre even after graduation as long as you remember your eID and password. For help recovering your eID or password, please contact the IT help desk at 403.220.5555.

Alternatively, you may request the T2202 tax form by submitting a written request via fax, mail or email to Enrolment Services. Requests must include:

  • your full legal name
  • UCID number
  • date of birth
  • signature

Once the request has been submitted, the tax form can be mailed to the mailing address on file, or emailed to a UCalgary email address only.

I have an approved Graduate Studies payment plan, how does this affect my T2202?

The T2202 is based on payments made in the calendar/tax year assessment of January 1 - December 31. If your payment plan covers multiple terms, only the amount of taxable fees paid in the calendar/tax year will be listed on the T2202. Once the remaining fees have been paid, graduate students need to email to request an updated T2202 based on all fees paid in the calendar/tax year. To verify your assessment and payments, visit your Student Centre finances section, “Account Inquiry and Payments”.

Helpful Canada Revenue Agency links

For clarification regarding full-time or part-time status with respect to your taxes please contact the Canada Revenue Agency at 1.800.959.8281.