Academic Requirements (AR) Tool FAQs

Frequently asked questions


1. What is Academic Requirements (AR)?

AR is a planning tool that allows you to view the completed and pending course requirements for yourdegree. AR also allows you to plan future course selections and explore adding, removing, or entirely changing your degree program components.

2. Who can use AR?

Academic Requirements is available to all University of Calgary students.

3. How do I access AR?

Go to your myUofC Student Centre. Click on My Academics and then select Academic Requirements. You can also access AR through the Quick Links menu on the myUofC dashboard.

Academic Requirements

4. When is it available?

AA/AR is available 24/7 (although occasional maintenance outages are anticipated). Check the IT Services website for updates.

5. Does AR replace meeting with a program advisor?

No. This tool is used to help you view your program requirements, but it cannot replace the benefits of
speaking directly with an advisor to make sure you’re on track with your degree.

Advisement Report

6. What are the common issues in AR?

  1. When the advisement report is open, it may say that it is unavailable or under construction. If you encounter one of these messages, contact your faculty advising office to discuss your degree requirements. Programs showing as under construction will be available to students by October 2018.
  2. If an advisement report does not open and you receive an error message contact your faculty advisingoffice to discuss your degree requirements.

7. When I open a report, there is a lot of information. Is there a way to clean it up?

Yes. Read the Important Information and Disclaimer and then click on the Collapse All button. You can then expand the specific requirements you want to see by clicking the green arrow buttons on the left.

Important Information and Disclaimer

AA What-if Report

8. What is a What-If report?

A What-If report allows you to view, hypothetically, how your past and current courses would be used toward requirements for either a different UCalgary degree program or for a component (e.g. a minor, concentration, or second major) added to your existing degree program. You should always discuss potential changes to your program with an advisor in your faculty advising office.

9. If I generate a What-If report, have I applied to change my program?

No. You cannot change your program through a What-If report. If you are considering changing your program, you should review your What-If report with an advisor in your faculty advising office.

10. I’ve added several courses in my What-If report, but some of them are not fulfilling the requirements that I believe should be filled.

Sometimes, academic requirements and regulations are more complicated than they appear. If the courses you selected through What-If aren’t fulfilling requirements the way you’re hoping, it is very important that you contact your faculty advising office for more information before proceeding with course registration.

Academic Requirements (AR)