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Late fees, notices and withdrawal​

UCalgary assesses interest on past due accounts, as well as issuing a hold that limits access to some University services. Students are not removed from classes when past due. Please see the Academic Calendar for more important dates and deadlines.​

Late fees and interest

If you haven't paid your fees by the term fee deadline, late interest will begin to accrue on your account. Fee deadlines can be found in the Academic Calendar.​

What happens if you don’t pay your outstanding balance before the term fee deadline?​

  • Late interest is assessed on past due balances of $100.00 and up. ​
  • Late interest assesses at 1% per month, calculated at the beginning of the month.​
  • Late interest does not cumulate on itself; only the principal amount owing will generate late interest.​
  • Students with past due balances on the account will receive monthly emails to the ucalgary.ca email, informing you of the past due fees and interest charged.​
  • Once your outstanding balance has reached 120 days past due, a final notice will be mailed to you at the address listed on your Student Centre and an external collection agency will collect the outstanding balance (this may impact your credit score).​
  • The notice for fees owing will prevent the student from ordering transcripts and receiving their degree at the time of convocation.
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If there is an outstanding balance on your account after the term fee deadline, a hold will be placed which will prevent access to registration and other services. This can be due to pending tuition and general fees, library fines, parking, residence, laboratory fees, etc. The service impact will depend on the length of time your fees are past due. More information regarding different kind of notices on your account due to an outstanding balance is shared below:​

Overdue charges (1-15 days)

This hold is placed on your account right after the term fee deadline and stays for 15 days. It serves as a reminder to pay your outstanding balance and will not stop any services.

Overdue charges (16-120 days)

This hold is place on your account after the account is overdue for more than 15 days. This hold will prevent you from accessing various University services: students will be prevented from adding any new classes and requesting transcripts. Additionally, this hold will prevent the University from issuing your degree or diploma after graduation.

Overdue charges (121+ days)

This hold is placed on your account if the account is overdue for more than 120 days. The service impact of this hold is same as the above PD2 hold. Once the account is overdue by 121 days, your account will be listed with a collections agency who will collect the payment on behalf of the university. Having your information forwarded to collections may have impacts your credit score.

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Withdrawing from the university

If you are registered in your courses but decided not to attend the university, you must drop all the courses you are registered in by logging in your Student Centre on or before the term course drop deadline. After the drop deadline, UCalgary will not be issuing refund for tuition and related fees.

(Graduate students must complete a voluntary withdrawal form, as outlined here.)​

Students who withdraw from course(s):

Prior to the drop deadline

Will have the course(s) removed from their permanent record/transcript and will not be required to pay fees for the course(s),

After the drop deadline

Will have the withdrawal recorded on their permanent record/transcript and will not receive a fee refund.

Student loans

As of fall 2019, UCalgary no longer requests tuition payment directly from student loans on behalf of the student. All loan funds will be deposited directly into the student's bank account and students are responsible for paying full fees by the term fee deadline listed online in the student portal or will be subject to late interest.

Other charges

Administrative fees will be charged to your account if you pay your fees with a cheque and your cheque is not cashable for any reason or you put a stop payment on a cheque already cashed by the university.

Frequently Asked Questions

Service Requests are the primary way we track and internally refer common student inquiries. This allows us to track a student’s request from start to finish. Detailed instructions on how to complete a Service Request can be found here.

Current students, former students, and alumni all have access to the Student Portal. Please navigate to password.ucalgary.ca to reset access to your account and regain access to the Student Portal.

Some student groups and external stakeholders will not have access to the Student Portal. These individuals can contact UCalgary Finance directly at finance@ucalgary.ca. Please include in your request that you do not have access to Service Requests in the Student Portal to avoid delays in processing your inquiry.

The “Invalid Data” error in CIBC Student Pay is a generic error message, indicating that some information was inputted incorrectly. The error is usually in student details, address, postal code, card #, expiry, or CCV. If the error persists, please provide screenshots to CIBC at studenthelp@cibc.com, or try an alternate payment method.