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Preparing for Final Exams

Here is some helpful information to help you prepare for your final exams

Exam Schedule

The final exam schedule is posted in early October for fall term exams and early February for winter term exams. The schedule is available in your Student Centre.  We recommend you review the schedule as soon as it is posted.

Use your course and lecture number to look up the time and room location for your exam. A campus map is available at to help you find the location of your exam.

Exam Day

When to Arrive…

Arrive 15 minutes before your exam is scheduled to begin. If you arrive 30 minutes or more after the start of the exam, you will not be admitted to the exam room.

You're required to remain in the exam room for the first 30 minutes of the examination. All candidates remaining during the last 15 minutes of the examination period must remain at their desk until their exam has been collected by an invigilator.

What can I bring?

Only bring what you need to your exam and leave all valuables at home or in a secure location away from the exam room.

Here is what you can bring into the exam room:

  • Photo ID is mandatory - University of Calgary Campus Card (UNICARD) or any government issued photo identification. You will not be allowed to sit for your exam without photo ID
  • Any instructor approved aid(s), such as a calculator or approved textbooks — your instructor will tell you if other items are allowed
  • Pens, pencils, erasers and pencil sharpeners
  • Academic Integrity Bags are provided to hold your personal belongings during your exam — only items that fit in the bag are permitted in the exam room

Bags, backpacks, or other large items are not permitted into the exam room. Backpacks and book bags cannot be left in hallways outside the exam room or at the back of classrooms for safety reasons, please store in a secure location away from the exam room. It also recommended that you leave cell phones, wireless access devices, headsets and any other items the instructor has indicated is not permitted in a secure location away from the exam room. The university is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings.

Where do I sit?

  • Seating in the Red, Gold and Auxiliary Gyms in the Kinesiology building is assigned
  • Seats are assigned based on your course and lecture number
  • Seat lists are posted in the Kinesiology building main entrance and in the entrance to the Kinesiology Block before each exam

During the Exam…

  • Follow the instructions of the Invigilator (exam supervisor) — this includes permission to start the exam and when to stop writing the exam
  • Write your name on each answer book and number each book as instructed
  • Write on both sides of the page unless otherwise instructed
  • Strike out discarded material — do not cut, tear or remove pages from the answer book
  • Direct all inquiries and requests to the exam proctors, this includes requests to leave the exam room or if you fall ill during the exam
  • Do not do any of the following:
    • Speak or communicate with other students
    • Leave answer papers exposed for other students to view
    • Attempt to read other student examination papers
    • Bring unauthorized materials (books, electronic devices, etc.) into the exam room

Participating in these activities could result in academic misconduct.

Other Items to Note

If you need physical accommodations, contact Student Accessibility Services at 403.220.8237 for more information.

The SU Wellness Centre is open for any help you may need during the final exam period. Visit them on the 3rd floor of the MacEwan Student Centre or reach them by phone at 403.210.9355.

If you're ill or unable to attend a scheduled exam, you must information your instructor and you may be eligible for a deferred final exam. For more information, see Deferred Exams.

Once an examination has been handed in for marking you will be assessed a final grade for the course. Requests to cancel and examination will not be considered.