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Understanding your fees

UCalgary assesses tuition and general fees for each term that you are an active full- or part-time student.  In addition to tuition fees, some programs have program-specific fees that are charged each term.  Students can review their assessed fees in the My Financials section of the Student Centre.


Students pay the tuition and fees applicable to the term in which they are admitted and begin courses in their program, also known as the students admission term, regardless of when they received their letter of admission to the program. Some programs have term-based program-specific tuition and fees in addition to tuition assessed on a per course basis.

Tuition is assessed based on the level of the course; therefore, undergraduate students taking a graduate-level course will pay the graduate course fee rate. Graduate students taking an undergraduate-level course will pay the undergraduate course fee rate.


Tuition and fees vary by faculty. Undergraduate tuition fees are assessed per unit based on the approved course fee rate group for the Faculty. Some programs may have additional program-specific fees as listed below.

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Students in a thesis-based degree (master's or doctoral) program or in a professional doctorate program, are assessed tuition fees per term.

Students in most course-based graduate programs are assessed tuition per unit based on the approved course fee rate group for the program. In Graduate Studies, the program of study to which a course is allocated determines the course fee rate group for that course.

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General Fees

General fees are assessed each term the student has active enrolment, whether at a full or part-time academic load. Some fees are assessed each term, and some are assessed annually. See the links below for a full list of the applicable general fees, and the services that they fund.

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Fees with an opt out option

Health and Dental: If you have proof of alternative health and dental coverage the option to opt out is available here. You must opt out before the fee deadline for the term.

Student Donations (including the Undergraduate Student Peer Assistance Bursary, Graduate Peer Assistance Bursary): All students are asked by the Students’ Union to make a tax deductible donation to the Student Peer Assistance Bursary program, which includes both the Undergraduate and Graduate Peer Assistance Bursaries. These bursaries are available to students in financial need.​

​In each of the Fall and Winter terms you are automatically charged $10.00. Your donation provides bursaries to other students with proven financial need. The donation is non-refundable after the term fee deadline.  The donation can be opted out one month prior to term start through the My Financials section of the Student Centre. The donation is non-refundable after the term fee deadline. ​

Students who choose to opt out of the student donation limit the maximum available payout of the bursary. Students who do not contribute to the bursary program can only receive up to 50% of the maximum available payout ($1500).​

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