Third party sponsorship

Sponsors can be government agencies, companies, First Nations/Métis/Inuit groups, or other organizations who are paying your student fees in whole, with limited exclusions. Sponsors are invoiced after the term fee deadline for charges they agree to pay as outlined in an individual sponsorship letter provided directly to the student for sponsorship application.

Information for Students

If your tuition and fees are being paid in whole by a third party with minimal exclusions, follow the steps below to apply for a Third Party Sponsorship. Note: Individuals, parents, and other relatives are not eligible to act as sponsors. RESP providers are not considered eligible sponsors. Learn more information on RESPs. If you are receiving an External Award or External scholarship, please refer to information on External Award Funding below.

  1. Get your sponsorship letter

    Sponsorship letters must include the following:

    • Be on company letterhead
    • Include the individual student name and UCalgary student ID number
    • Clearly state what term the sponsorship covers (EG: Winter 2022)
    • Outline in detail which fees will be covered or excluded in the sponsorship
    • You can use the Sponsorship Letter Template if your sponsor is not sure what to include.
  2. Upload your sponsor letter through a Service Request

    You must upload your sponsorship letter through  an application each term prior to the term fee deadline through a Student Service Request in the Student Centre. Instructions on submitting  a Service Request can be found here.  For the sponsorship to be approved, the application must include a sponsorship letter as outlined in step one.

    After the sponsorship application is approved, the student will be given a 30 day fee deferral (posted on the term fee deadline), and an offsetting payment will be applied to your student account to allow time for your sponsor to be invoiced.  It is the student’s responsibility to pay any fees not covered by the sponsor due on the term fee deadline. By entering into a sponsorship agreement, you are agreeing to allow UCalgary to share fee assessment information from your student account directly with your sponsor for the term. The following information will be shared with your sponsor: tuition and fee assessments.

    If sponsors require transcripts or any other registration information, it will be your responsibility to provide and submit this information directly to your sponsor.

  3. Sponsor receives invoice

    Sponsorship applications must be submitted prior to the term fee deadline to be processed on time. Late submissions will be subject to delays in processing, invoicing, and sponsor payment. Any late interest or holds assessed to the account due to late submission will be the responsibility of the student. Please request the sponsorship letter and submit the Third Party Sponsor application well in advance of the term fee deadline to avoid delays in processing.

As a student engaging in a Third Party Sponsorship, you are responsible for the following:

  • Requesting a Sponsorship letter to submit to UCalgary within the Third Party Sponsor application by the term fee deadline. The student is responsible for any late interest or holds assessed due to late application.
  • Uploading your sponsor letter each term through a Third Party Sponsorship Application via Student Service Request.
  • Ensuring your sponsor pays UCalgary within 30 days of being invoiced.
  • Paying fees the sponsor has not chosen to pay in full by the term fee deadline. Any unpaid balance and late interest is the full responsibility of the student.
  • Providing any additional information the sponsor may request, such as proof of enrollment, transcripts, receipts, etc.
  • The student is responsible for unpaid fees if the sponsor does not pay within the 30 days of being invoiced. The student will be accountable for holds, late interest and collections activity due to sponsor non-payment.

If your sponsor doesn't pay the invoice, or if there is an outstanding balance on the term not being covered by the sponsor, your student file may be placed on hold and unpaid charges may accrue late interest. Information on financial holds can be found in the Academic Calendar. The hold will prevent you from adding new classes or requesting official transcripts, and may impact access to other services across campus.

If payment is not received from the sponsor within 30 days of the invoice being issued, the invoice may be cancelled, and you will be responsible for paying the balance due plus any late fees accrued on your account.

Information for Sponsors

  1. Sponsor provides individual sponsorship letter directly to student

    For a student to apply for Third Party Sponsorship, the sponsor must provide the student with an official Sponsorship Letter that includes the following:

    • Be printed on company / official letterhead
    • Include student name and individual UCalgary student ID number
    • State the term(s) the letter is covering up to one calendar year (student can only apply for one term at a time, but can use the same sponsor letter for each term application)
    • Outline, in detail, which fees will be covered by the sponsor
    • Please use the Sponsorship Letter Template, if you are unsure of what to include.
  2. Student uploads the sponsor letter through an application in their online Student Centre

    After the student receives their sponsorship letter, the student will submit the sponsor letter as part of a Third Party Sponsorship application through their online Student Centre. The student will complete the application verifying any fees not being covered by the sponsor as per the sponsorship letter. More information on the role and responsibilities of the student in the sponsorship process can be found in the above Student Information section of this page.

    Once the student has submitted the sponsorship letter and application, a 30 day fee deferral will be applied to the student account (after the term fee deadline) and an offsetting payment will be posted to the account to allow time for sponsor invoicing and sponsor payment.  Fees not covered by the sponsor must be paid in full by the student on or before the term fee deadline. 

  3. Invoice issued to sponsor after the term fee deadline

    After the sponsorship application is approved, sponsors will be sent an invoice by email after the term fee deadline. 

    As part of the sponsorship application, the student will agree to the sharing of tuition and fee information with the sponsor only.  If a sponsor should require additional information such as transcripts or course information, the student will be responsible to submit this information directly to the sponsor. 

Sponsors will have 30 days from the invoice date to pay fees directly to UCalgary.  After 60 days the invoice may be cancelled and the student account may have a fee hold stopping services and begin to accrue late interest.  

Payments made to UCalgary from an organization for a student without an approved Third Party Sponsorship application will be treated as an external agency payment, not a third party sponsorship. Late fees and interest applied after the published payment deadlines will become the student’s responsibility.

The following payment methods are available for Third Party sponsors:

  • The preferred method of payment is Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) directly to UCalgary Accounts Receivables. Refer to invoice for instructions on paying by EFT.
  • Cheque or Money Order - made payable directly to The University of Calgary

Mailing address:

Accounts Receivables
MacKimmie Tower, 9th Floor
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4

Note: Payments made in American dollars (USD) will be converted using the exchange rate on the day of payment receipt. Overpayments and underpayments resulting from the conversion are applied to the student’s account.

As the sponsor, you are responsible for the following:

  • Providing the student with an individual sponsorship letter prior to the beginning of the term, according to the sponsor letter guidelines above.
  • Requesting any additional information required directly from the student, such as transcripts course information, or receipts.
  • Issuing payment directly to UCalgary within 30 days of the invoice. After 60 days, the invoice may be cancelled and the student account may have an account notice stopping services, and late interest may begin to accrue. The student will be fully responsible for all unpaid fees. This includes the impacts from owing fees, including administrative holds and late interest.
  • Issuing any related tax forms directly to the student. Refer to the following UCalgary website for more information on tax receipts.

External Awards

External Awards can be scholarships, awards or bursaries not administered by UCalgary, or other major providers like Alberta Student Aid.  If a third-party is issuing an award, scholarship, or bursary for a student in a set amount, this is considered an external award and not a Third Party Sponsorship. If a sponsor or any third-party vendor is reimbursing tuition and fees directly to the student, this is not eligible for sponsorship.

Invoices are not issued to providers of external awards, nor will a T4A be issued by UCalgary for external award payments to the student account. External Awards can be issued by employers, charities, unions, or any entity offering a one time or recurring payment for a student which does not cover the entire term fees for a student with some minimal exclusions.

UCalgary encourages providers of External Awards to issue funds to students directly. Students often have many other expenses related to education aside from tuition and general fees. Issuing funds directly to students allows them greater flexibility in addressing all their expenses, not just fees owed to UCalgary.  Paying these funds to UCalgary directly can cause delays and difficulties for students managing different funding sources. 

Note: Agencies sending cheques made out to students should not mail cheques to UCalgary, but should mail external award cheques directly to the student. 

UCalgary can take payment for External awards by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or physical cheque.

  • To pay by EFT through UCalgary Accounts Receivables, please contact UCalgary Finance at
  • Cheques or Money Orders must be made payable to The University of Calgary, and can be sent to the following mailing address:


Accounts Receivables
MacKimmie Tower, 9th Floor
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4


If paying by cheque, please submit payment as soon as possible, preferably no later than 30 days prior to the start of the term to avoid payment posting delays to the student account. Payments made later than 30 days prior to term start may result in late interest and holds being assessed to the student’s account due to payment processing time. Payment by cheque can take up to 4 weeks for processing to the student account, and requires supporting documentation referencing the student award, otherwise delays in applying payment to the student account may occur. Students are accountable for any holds or late interest incurred due to the processing time for external award payments.


Tax information for External Awards recipients:

Please refer to the following webpage for any tax impacts to students receiving External Award payments.