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Payment Plan

UCalgary offers self-service payment plans for all students. Your tuition and general fees can now be paid in installments over the term, rather than being due all at once on the term fee deadline.

The Payment Plan allows students to pay their fees in installments over the course of the term. This gives students more control over their student finances, providing some flexibility in cases where there may be delays in receiving funding.

Please note that Residence fees cannot be included in a Payment Plan.


All student groups are eligible to opt-in to a payment plan, regardless of the program they're enrolled in. To enrol in the payment plan program, students must have paid off all past due fees, and fee notices need to be cleared from their account. 

Note: Students can sign up for a payment plan one semester at a time.

Students must also be assessed a minimum amount of tuition and general fees to qualify for a payment plan in a semester:

Term  Minimum tuition amount Administrative fee*
Fall semester $500 $40
Winter semester  $500 $40
Spring semester $250 $20
Summer semester  $250 $20

*Note: Thesis-based graduate students are exempt from paying this fee.

Plan terms and conditions

Payment instalments for all plans are due on the 30 day of the month, except in Feb. when payments are due the last day of the month.

Payment plans are subject to late payment policies.

Undergraduates, MD, PGME, and course-based graduate students:

The payment plan will spread your tuition and general fees into three instalments for a fall or winter plan, and two instalments for a spring or summer plan. The administrative fee is non-refundable.

Graduate students in thesis-based programs:

Your payment plan will have four instalments for a fall or winter plan (rather than three) and you won't be assessed the administrative fee for enrolling in a payment plan. For a spring or summer payment plan, instalments will be split into two payments for a term.

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Dates and deadlines

Students are able to set up a payment plan approximately 30 days prior to the start of the term. Only one payment plan will be visible to enrol in each term. The deadline to opt into a payment plan is by the tuition and fee payment deadline for the term. Refer to the academic calendar for current tuition and fee payment deadlines.

When paying your instalments, you must take processing time into account to ensure your fees are paid by the deadline. This will help you avoid holds or late interest. Students paying via CIBC/Convera - EFT, Direct Debit and WIRE need to take processing time into account when paying payment plan installments

Payment plan opening dates

Date enrolment begins


Payment plan term

Deadline to apply

Dec. 1

All programs

Winter 2023

Jan. 27, 2023
Apr. 1 All programs Spring 2023 May 12, 2023
June 1 All programs Summer 2023 July 5, 2023
Aug. 1 All programs Fall 2023 Sept. 22, 2023


Note: payment plan due dates and payment instalments can't be customized.

If you have questions or concerns regarding payment plans, please contact Enrolment Services


The self-service payment plan is for tuition and general fees only. Students with residence charges aren't eligible to enrol in a payment plan to pay residence fees in instalments. Please visit Residence Services for residence fee information.

Your account must be in good standing to be eligible for a payment plan. If you pay all past due fees prior to the term fee deadline, you'll be eligible to enrol in a payment plan by the deadline for the current term as long as you meet all eligibility criteria.

If you want to cancel your plan, you can pay the full balance of your payment plan fees instead of making monthly instalment payments. The administrative fee is non-refundable.

Note: graduate students in thesis-based programs are exempt from paying the administration fee.

Students should determine in advance of enrolling for a plan if a payment plan option is best for them.  International students who don't have Canadian bank accounts could potentially pay a service fee for each payment plan instalment, so they should consider payment options and processing times before enrolling in a payment plan for the term.

If you drop all of your courses prior to the term drop deadline, the impact to your fees depends on your program, please see below. If a course is dropped after the drop deadline, you are considered fully financially responsible for tuition and fees incurred, as outlined in the Academic Calendar.

Undergraduate/MD/PGME students
Your payment plan instalments will drop to zero, but you'll continue to owe the non-refundable administrative fee.

Course-based graduate students 
Your tuition fees will be reduced to zero, but your payment plan will still be calculating based on your general fees for the term. If you drop all of your courses because you'd like to withdraw from your program, make sure to submit a voluntary withdrawal form to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Thesis-based graduate students
Your tuition fees aren't normally linked to course registration, so your payment plan is unlikely to change. If you drop all of your courses because you'd like to withdraw from your program, make sure to submit a voluntary withdrawal form to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

It's recommended you wait to enrol in a payment plan until after your registration is finalized for the term. Your payment plan instalments automatically adjust if your fees are reduced due to dropping courses, opting out of health/dental fees, and so on. You can check your payment plan instalment due dates under the Payment Plans section in the My Financials section of your Student Centre. Contact Enrolment Services if you have questions about your payment plan charges or payments. You can also review our how-to guide for help with reading your student account.

The administrative fee contributes to the administrative costs for providing and supporting this payment plan option for all students.

Note: graduate students in thesis-based programs are exempt from the administration fee because of the nature of their UCalgary-administered funding.

The self-serve payment plan option is only for one term at a time. Students can choose to enrol in a fall-only payment plan and then a winter-only payment plan when enrolment opens for the winter term.