Student loans

Government student assistance programs (student loans) are available to Canadian citizens, permanent residents, protected persons and American citizens.

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2022-2023 Alberta Student Aid

Alberta residents can now apply for student loans and grants for the 2022-2023 academic year through Alberta Student Aid.

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New Verified Accounts - Alberta Student Aid

Students currently use the MyAlberta Digital ID system to sign in to their Student Aid accounts. On September 8, 2022, Student Aid will be integrating with verified identity security protocols on the MyAlberta Digital ID system. Students will need to create or update to a verified MyAlberta Digital ID account to continue to access their accounts. This change will make it easier for students to keep their personal information safe and secure.

Upcoming Financial Support Dates

Intro to loans; role of the school vs. lender

The Student Financial Support team supports the administration and confirmation process for all government loans and grants across Canada and the US. We facilitate the process by communicating your enrolment status to your lender. The application process, assessment, and disbursement of funds are supported by the lender.

Loans vs. grants

You will submit one application through your province to be assessed for federal and provincial loans and grants.


are funds that have to be returned to the lender once you are no longer in school.


are funds that do not have to be returned to the lender.

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Alberta student loans

Available to Alberta residents.

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Out of province student loans

Loans for students outside of Alberta.

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US student loans

Funding options for students who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States.

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Emergency financial assistance

Emergency financial assistance is intended to help students through an unexpected, temporary financial crisis.

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Maintaining interest free status

Learn how to maintain interest free status.

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Concurrent enrolment and exchange

Find out funding processes if you're enrolled at two institutions or an exchange student.

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Student loan frequently asked questions

The Government Student Loans program is available to Canadian Permanent Residents, Citizens and Protected persons (as defined in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act).

You will apply for funding through your province of residence. When you apply through your province, you are automatically assessed for provincial as well as federal loans and grants.
The general "rule of thumb" is the last province a student lived in for at least 12 months without attending a post-secondary institution is your province of residence.
E.g. A student who has moved from Ontario in August 2020 to attend UCalgary starting in September 2020 is to apply for student loans from Ontario.

If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact your province of residence to confirm with them.

If you are applying through Quebec or Ontario, you are not eligible for funding.

All other provinces usually fund Open Studies.

However, if you are applying through Alberta, you are only eligible to be assessed for 12 consecutive months of funding irrespective of your course registration status.

You'll notice courses are weighted differently for Fall/Winter terms vs. Spring/Summer terms. Please note that this may differ from the course load requirement for other offices on campus including UPass. 

  1. One course (per three units)

    Course load percentage: 20%

    Enrolment status: Part-time

  2. Two courses (per three units)

    Course load percentage: 40%

    Enrolment status: Part-time

  3. Three courses (per three units)

    Course load percentage: 60%

    Enrolment status: Full-time

  4. Four courses (per three units)

    Course load percentage: 80%

    Enrolment status: Full-time

  5. Five+ courses (per three units)

    Course load percentage: 100%

    Enrolment status: Full-time

  1. One course (per three units)

    Course load percentage: 40%

    Enrolment status: Part-time

  2. Two courses (per three units)

    Course load percentage: 60%

    Enrolment status: Full-time

  3. Three courses (per three units)

    Course load percentage: 80%

    Enrolment status: Full-time

  4. Four+ courses (per three units)

    Course load percentage: 100%

    Enrolment status: Full-time

As a part-time student, you would be eligible to receive loan funding to only cover your tuition and mandatory fees, and books/equipment. As a full-time student, in addition to your education costs, you will be assessed for average living costs based on your province which includes rent, food, clothing, transportation.

For students studying with dependents, you will also be assessed for child care costs irrespective of your course load.

If a change in your registration impacts your enrolment status (e.g. full-time to part-time), you may no longer be eligible for funding and any undisbursed funding will be canceled. The institution is obligated to update your lender with changes in your registration and this is done through an automated process that runs once a week after the course add/drop deadline up until after the withdraw deadline for courses.

We strongly advise you to contact an Enrolment Services Advisor and your lender if you are considering dropping courses.

Undergraduate students

Use the standardized first and last day of the month for your application.

  1. Fall term only

    Start date: September 1
    End date: December 31

  2. Winter term only

    Start date: January 1
    End date: April 30

  3. Fall and winter terms

    Start date: September 1
    End date: April 30

  4. Spring term only

    Start date: May 1
    End date: June 30

  5. Summer term only

    Start date: July 1
    End date: August 31

  6. Spring and summer terms

    Start date: May 1
    End date: August 31

When applying for student loans or interest free status, you can apply for a maximum of 52 weeks of funding based on your admit term. Alternatively, you can apply using dates that are less than 52 weeks but ensure you use standardized session start and end dates.

E.g. If you were admitted in winter 2020, you can apply from Jan. 1, 2010 till Dec. 31, 2020, you can also apply using Sept. 1, 2020 to Dec. 31, 2020 but you cannot apply using Sept. 1, 2020 – Aug. 31, 2021.

As a medicine student, each program year has unique dates that you will use to apply for funding. Please refer to the table below to find your loan application dates based on your year of study.

  1. Year of study (one)

    Start date: August 1
    End date: March 31

  2. Year of study (two)

    Start date: April 1
    End date: February 28

  3. Year of study (three)

    Application one
    Start date: March 1
    End date: August 31

    Application two
    Start date: September 1
    End date: April 30

When you complete the application, you'll be asked to provide personal information including:

  • your name
  • date of birth
  • marital status
  • citizenship status 
  • Alberta Student Number (ASN)
  • address and contact information
  • school name
  • program
  • year of study
  • study period date

You'll be asked to provide personal financial information including

  • RESPs
  • scholarships/bursaries
  • non-registered investments
  • Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada/Band Funds

If you're married/common-law you'll be asked to provide financial information for your spouse. If you're considered a dependent student, you'll be asked to provide your parent/guardian's financial information.

This can vary by province, but the general rule is application can take up to four to six weeks to process, so it's important to apply early.

Please refer to the Government Student Aid tab under "My Financials" section of your My UCalgary account ( for more information about the status your application. You can find more help on using your student portal by accessing the how-to-guides.

If you applied for funding through a Canadian lender, you'll receive all funds in your personal bank account and are responsible for making subsequent payments towards your fees and residence etc. by the posted deadlines.

If you have applied for U.S. student loans, the university will request for funds on your behalf.

You can click on the red link for error and learn about why your confirmation of loans has not gone through yet. If you need more details, reach out to Enrolment Services for assistance.