Schedule Builder

It is recommended that students use this tool to build and register in a schedule initially but make any course changes (add, drop, swap & edit) directly through your Student Centre.

What is Schedule Builder?

Schedule Builder is a web-based tool to help you build potential class schedules and register for courses.

You can view the class schedule and course options by term. Open or duplicate your screen into another browser window to view your fall and winter options at the same time. Save up to nine schedules as favourites if you'd like to return to them later to review or register.

Who can use Schedule Builder?

Schedule Builder is available to all UCalgary students, faculty and staff and is accessible by logging in to the portal. 

How do I access Schedule Builder?

Students access Schedule Builder by clicking on the green "Schedule Builder" button, which appears at the top of your Student Centre ( Faculty and staff can access Schedule Builder through their Quick Links on the "Staff" dashboard.

We'd also encourage you to watch our online instructional video for tips and tricks on how to use the tool.

When is it available?

When is it available?It is available 24 x 7, except during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Check the IT Services website for updates.

Can I prioritize courses?

The tool will allow you to pin down classes as a way of prioritizing them. Schedule Builder will then rearrange all the remaining courses around the pinned classes. Watch our video below on how to generate schedules for more information.

Why would I save a schedule as a favourite?

Favourites allow you to save a schedule to return to later. There are a number of uses for this feature:

  • Save potential schedules before registration starts
  • Save schedules with a slightly different listing of courses
  • Coordinate fall and winter semester schedules at the same time
  • Retrieve a schedule when their registration window opens

You can save up to nine schedules in your favourites.

Can I register for classes with Schedule Builder?

Yes, watch our video below or read our how to register page to find out how to register using Schedule Builder.

How do I edit my schedule after I've registered in courses?

Our recommendation is that you only use Schedule Builder for your initial schedule build and registration. It's recommended that you use the Student Centre to make any adjustments or edits after their initial registration, you also cannot swap or edit in Schedule Builder.

Students who want to waitlist a course that conflicts with another section of a course they are already registered in should NOT be using the “swap” or “edit” function in their Student Centre, or they may never get into the waitlisted course.

How do I waitlist a course?

Check the course details on the “Results” panel, to see if a course has a waitlist and how many seats are available. If there are remaining seats, add the course to your schedule. Once your chosen schedule is ready, click the “Get this Schedule” button for the registration confirmation screen where you select the waitlist box for the chosen course.

If a waitlist is available for a course and still has available seats, you can select the option to waitlist the course when you click “Get this Schedule”. It'll let them know if they have been successfully added to the waitlist.

How do I waitlist a course that conflicts with a class I am already enrolled in?

Schedule Builder won't show a schedule that has a course conflict. In order to get both the existing conflict AND to waitlist on the desired conflicting course, go to your Student Centre and enroll on the waitlist for the course you want using the “Edit” or “Swap” function.

How do I add a course spanning two terms (with a Part A [fall] and Part B [winter])?

You must register in Part A prior to enrolling in Part B. If you try to enroll in Part B first, you'll receive an error message and the enrolment action will fail. You must also enroll in the same sections in both terms.

What if I have two courses that I want to take that overlap?

Schedule Builder will attempt to create conflict-free schedule without course overlap. If you've already received permission to take two conflicting courses, you'll need to register in your conflicting course in your Student Centre. Schedule Builder will not show you any schedules where two courses conflict, you'll need to un-check one of the courses in Schedule Builder from the "Select Courses" panel.

Does all current course information get updated immediately to Schedule Builder in real time?

Yes, the course information is continually being updated in Schedule Builder. Seat availability information is updated every 30 seconds.

Does Schedule Builder help students identify their program requirements?

No, we strongly recommend you meet with an academic advisor to ensure that you've picked the right courses and you're on track with your degree.

Are all UCalgary courses listed in Schedule Builder?

Yes, the courses are being continually updated in Schedule Builder.

Be Aware of Multi-Term Courses

A multi-term course runs over both the fall and winter terms. You must register for the course in each term as well as pick the same class section. Multi-term courses are identified as "A" for fall and "B" for winter. For example, to take Drama 200, register in DRAM 200A for the fall term and in DRAM 200B for the winter term.