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Avoid the line. Pay your fees online.

Enrolment Services stopped accepting cash payments in September 2016. Preferred payment for tuition and fees is through online banking. Students paying from overseas can now utilize Western Union's Global Pay.

There are several ways you can pay your tuition and fees at the University of Calgary

  1. Online banking
  2. International Funds Transfer
  3. Cheque, Money Order, Bank Draft
  4. In Person

For information on how to pay for continuing education courses visit Continuing Education.

1. Online Banking

Online banking is the fastest and preferred payment method for anyone with a Canadian bank account. Payments are processed through your financial institution's own banking service.

How to pay through online banking:

  1. Log on to your bank's online system
  2. Add the "University of Calgary - Tuition Fees" as a payee on your bill payment profile (name will vary from bank to bank)
  3. Enter your account information:
    • The account number is the your 8-digit UCalgary Student ID number (UCID) and the first 5 letters of your last name.
      Examples: If your name is John Jones and your UCID is 00486321 then you'd use 00486321JONES or if your name is Jane Zimmerman and your UCID is 10005238 then you'd use 10005238ZIMME
    • If your entire last name is less than five characters, use your entire last name.
      Example: If your name is Sara Sam and your UCID is 00486321 than you'd use 00486321SAM
  4. It may take up to five business days for online payments to be processed. Payments initiated on or before the term fee deadline will not be subject to late interest. Admission deposits must initiated on or before the deposit deadline to ensure your offer of admission is not cancelled.

This can be done from anyone's online bank, as long as the account number is correct. Funds will be applied to your account with UCalgary.

Please allow five business days for online payments to process. Payments initiated on or before the term fee deadline will not be subject to late interest. Admissions deposits need to arrive before the deadline you were given to ensure your application won't be canceled.

2. International Funds Transfer

The most efficient payment process if you don’t have a Canadian bank account is through Western Union’s GlobalPay for Students. This option allows you to pay your student fees in the currency of your choice in an efficient and inexpensive manner.

How to pay through an International Funds Transfer:

  1. Navigate to the GlobalPay for Students website and enter your details
  2. Select the items you wish to pay for and select your payment option

    Due to banking regulations, not all currencies are available. If your home currency isn’t offered, you can pay in another currency, such as the U.S. dollar.

  3. Enter the details of the person making the payment and select the language you would like to receive payment instructions in. You may need to temporarily allow pop-ups on your computer in order to view the payment instructions.
  4. Print your payment instructions and complete your payment at your bank or with online banking using the printed instructions.

Please visit our GlobalPay instruction page for step-by-step instructions and to access online videos. If you are unable to make a payment using GlobalPay for Students email for assistance. Please indicate what currency you are trying to pay in, or where you are trying to pay from and what the issue is.

3. Cheque, Money Order, or Bank Draft

If submitting a cheque, please ensure the following information is included on the cheque to avoid processing delays:

  • Payable to the "University of Calgary"
    • Mailing Address:
      University of Calgary
      Enrolment Services, MB 117
      2500 University Drive NW
      Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4
  • Current date
  • Student’s Full Name
  • Student’s UCID Number
  • Signature of the account holder
  • Please allow 3-5 business days for processing time

Post-dated cheques are not accepted. To avoid late interest penalties, please ensure payments are mailed well in advance, with the correct office number (Enrolment Services, MB 117).

International cheques, money orders and bank drafts must be drawn from a Canadian bank, in Canadian funds with appropriate microencoding. Any corrections to a personal cheque must include correction initials of the cheque holder.

It's your responsibility to confirm that a payment appears as posted in your Student Centre. If a payment does not appear posted within 3–5 business days of receipt by the university, visit the payment issues site or contact Enrolment Services directly at 403.210.7625. Late fees may apply if the deadline is missed.

4. In Person

  • Drop box depository outside MacKimmie Block (MB) room 122
  • Debit Card: Canadian financial institutions only, international debit card are currently not accepted for tuition and general fees payments.
    • If you plan to pay by debit card in person, make sure your debit card has the appropriate daily transaction limit for your tuition payment. Most financial institutions are able to temporarily increase the daily limit of your debit card over the phone. Your bank's customer contact number should be listed on the back of your bank card.

The University of Calgary will stop accepting cash payments in September 2016. The University of Calgary also no longer accepts credit card payments for tuition and general fees.

Third Party In-Person Payments

The third party (including parents/family members) must have the following information to process an in-person payment:

  • the Student ID number
  • the full amount of fees due

Due to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP), written authorization is required to release information regarding a student account (account balance or fees due). Enrolment Services staff are not permitted to provide this information without the students written consent via a Third Party Authorization form.