Refunds for tuition fee overpayments

Refunds for tuition fee overpayments are processed each month and also upon student request. To ask for a refund, please submit a request via your Student Portal.  A cheque will be mailed to the address on file in the Student Portal within three weeks of submitting your refund.  Additional approvals are required for refund requests of $5,000 or greater and more time is needed for processing.  During peak periods, refund processing times may be up to six weeks.

If you originally paid by cheque, a refund cannot be issued until at least one week after the date your cheque was deposited to your student account. 

If a payment exceeds the amount owing on the student’s account, the excess will be returned to the sender. Please do not send funds to the University of Calgary tuition account for textbooks, off-campus housing, or other personal expenses.  If a payor wishes to pay these fees, they should be sent directly to the student.

If you have questions regarding your refund request, contact Student Receivables at for assistance.

View Student Centre Refund guide (pdf)

Scholarship recipients

If you've received a scholarship, your refund will be reviewed prior to funds being issued to ensure the refund is in alignment with scholarship regulations. Overpayments from University of Calgary awards will automatically be refunded by direct deposit as long as direct deposit information has been updated in the Student Portal.