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Professional Program Awards

The Cumming School of Medicine (MD program), the Faculty of Law (Juris Doctor (JD) program), and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program) provide a number of scholarships, awards and bursaries to support their students.

Information on Eligibility

Learn more about eligibility requirements for each professional program:

How to Apply

Learn how to apply online for awards


Application Type

Application Opens

Application Closes

Document Deadline

Recipient Notification

Faculty of Law
(JD program)

February 1
Use the "Faculty of Law Awards application"

May 1

May 15

By July 31 via email

Cumming School of Medicine
(MD program)


June 1
Use the "Cumming School of Medicine Bursaries application"

MD Bursaries FAQ

August 10

August 15

By August 31 via email

By October 15 for Special Bursaries

Medical Elective Awards

February 1
Use the "Medical Electives award application"

April 1


By June 30 via email

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
(DVM program)

June 1
Current students: use the "Continuing Undergraduate Awards application" available

August 1

August 10

By July 31 for nominated awards

By November 30 for competitive awards via email

Receiving Award Payment

Learn how to receive your award payment