Next Steps to Global Learning

Interested in study, research, or internships abroad?
We’ll give you all the info and support you need to make it happen.

Step 1: Start Here...

First things first, watch the Global Learning 101 playlist for all the information you need to get started! It covers the benefits of global learning, explains the terminology used to talk about different types of programs, discusses some common myths, and walks you through the application process.

Image of student holding up a gondola ticket on Mt Tomamu in Japan

and WATCH this.


This 20-minute video series will provide all the information you need to start planning how to internationalize your degree!

The Program Finder allows you to browse the wide range of programs available and filter by options such as your field of study, desired location, language, and more.

The program pages provide much information about student experience, academic content, study/travel dates, budgeting, and more. Critical details at the top of each page note the program's location, language of instruction, application status, and deadline to apply.

Some programs may have scheduled Information Sessions that interested applications are encouraged (or may even be required) to attend. If available, this will be noted near the top of the program page.

Finally, near the bottom of each program page, the Global Learning Advisor for each program is identified with a link to their contact details.

We strongly recommend meeting with a global learning advisor! Advisors can help narrow down your options, clarify program details, and support you with any questions about your eligibility to apply.

You are welcome to contact the advisor for your desired program directly, or consult the advising page for instructions about drop-in advising and booked appointments.

Your academic advisor will be a huge support as you plan your program! At this stage, you should be talking to your academic advisor about where you’re at in your degree, when a good time to go abroad would be, and how your preferred program will fit into your studies.

When the program(s) you're interested in open for applications, you can go ahead and apply! Just make sure that you have consulted the program page for application deadlines and any eligibility requirements you need to be aware of.

Once you have submitted an application, please keep an eye on your UCalgary email, as this is how you will be contacted with your application results. 

The program page may note an expected timeline for when you will receive application results. A couple common things to keep in mind: 

  • Some programs (especially Group Study Programs) recruit on a "first-come-first-considered" basis. 
  • Others (especially Exchange, Research, and Internship opportunities) have a priority deadline and review all applications after the deadline has passed.