Tools & Resources

Going into the field can be unpredictable. We will make sure you are prepared when it matters most. 

Instructor Handbook

All instructors will receive a copy of this handbook before departure. It will contain advise on how to handle challenges with students in the field, managing your funds, and resources to use in case of emergency. 

Student Information Package

Your Global Learning Advisor will provide you with a package containing the passport details, insurance details, emergency contact, and health information. You are the only one permitted to see the participant information. Please review it before you depart and keep it for your reference in case of emergency.

First Aid Training

This is arranged by the Global Learning Advisors for all instructors on all programs needing certification or re-certification. This typically occurs during February or March. They will be in touch with possible dates and times.

First Aid Kit

This kit will be equipped with appropriate supplies for use in case of emergency until you are able to see further medical attention, if necessary. 

Financial Package

We will provide you with a financial package before departure. This package contains all you need to properly track, maintain and create receipts while on your trip.  Keeping track of what you spent and holding onto receipts will make the finance reconciliation much easier once you return. We require receipts for all expenses including gratuities with the exception of the instructor meal allowance. All instructors will be provided with a field guide prior to their departure. This guide includes a section on the best practices for managing your funds while in the field

Emergency Response Plan

Your Emergency Response Plan is something you put together and is approved by Study Abroad at least 2 weeks before your departure. It should include emergency response contacts, identification and management of hazards, and a detailed accommodation itinerary. You will also need to provide updated in-field phone numbers and/or any other updates to the program must be shared once program has departed.

Local Consulate of Embassy Connection

We will notify the closest Canadian consulate or embassy in your region of travel for safety and risk management purposes. You and the members of your group must register with the Registry of Canadian Abroad before you leave Calgary. There are a variety of things that the Canadian government can assist you and your group with while you are away. We recommend familiarizing yourself with these services before you leave.