Exploring Degree Programs

Undecided/Exploring Degree Programs Advising
How do you build a degree program that's the best fit for you? By working with a specialized advisor within the Student Success Centre! Exploratory advisors have knowledge of UCalgary's undergraduate degree programs. We'll help you find the program that aligns with your skills, interests and goals.

Exploring Degree Programs

Most students will make changes to their program over the course of their academic career. Changing a program may involve switching faculties, changing a major within your faculty, or adding a minor or second major.

Undecided/exploring degree program advising is open to undergraduate students from all faculties. It may be right for you if you:

  • Are an undeclared student looking to choose a major
  • Aren't admitted to your major of choice
  • Aren't enjoying your current major
  • Aren't doing well academically in current major
  • Want to add more to your degree

Looking for program advising? Here's a list of advising offices.


Upcoming Workshops

How to Choose a Major

Offered weekly during the Fall semester. Click the button below to see the schedule!

Contact info

Deirdre Mooney
Academic Advisor, Exploratory Students

Karen Quinn
Academic Advisor, Exploratory Students

Exploratory Resources

Here are links to the Powerpoint Presentation and Workbook from the How to Choose a Major Workshop.

Types of advising appointments

Regular appointment (45 minutes)

Visit success.ucalgary.ca to book an online or in-person appointment and guarantee your time slot.

Please select the "Exploratory Advising - Prospective, Open Studies, Undecided" menu option and book using the "Undecided/Exploring Degree Programs" appointment type.

Drop-in appointment (20 mins)

Due to the current health situation, the Exploratory Team is currently not offering drop-in appointments. Current students can book an online or in-person appointment with an advisor through our online booking system at success.ucalgary.ca 

Prospective students can book an appointment through our virtual front desk or by emailing success@ucalgary.ca