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Getting Ready for Exams

Final exams can be a daunting and stressful thought. However, there are many things you can do in advance to ensure you're feeling prepared, calm and confident on the day of your exam. 

The Student Success Centre has a wide variety of helpful workshops and resources to help you get ready for your exams. Learn how to create (and stick to) a study plan, manage your time efficiently, reduce test anxiety, develop study skills and more by checking out the links below.

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Exam planning tip sheet

Exam prep isn't just about the content you review — there are other important details to organize as well! Make a plan for your exams using our free worksheet.

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Programs and resources

Sharpen your study skills

Learn how to improve your reading and listening, write more effective notes, handle online and in-person exams, retain your knowledge and more.

Review our study skills tips

Studying with others

Studying with peers can help you review material, get different perspectives and practice exam questions in a group. Learn how to navigate group studying, address common concerns with group work, maintain academic integrity and more.

Review our tips for studying with others

Learn how to manage your time well

Feel like there are more to-dos than time in the day? We've prepared worksheets, blogs and more to help you learn how to plan, schedule your tasks and stay motivated while studying.

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Acing your exams

With final exams around the corner, many students are looking for effective preparation strategies. We've prepared five tips to adopt and adapt as you move through your exam schedule.

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Know the Rules

Are you ready for exam day? 

Learn what you need to bring, where you need to go and how to apply for deferrals for your exams with help from the Registrar's Office.

Registrar's Final Exam Page

Attend a PASS session

Improve your learning comprehension and academic performance by attending a PASS session for selected courses.

PASS Leaders, who are students who've previously taken the course, provide supplemental instruction and can help you with course content through directed group discussion in a course-specific context.

Find a PASS session

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Check out Rex's study tunes

Need music to study to? We've collected song suggestions from students around campus to help you relax or stay motivated while studying.

Listen to Rex's Study Tunes