Academic Turnaround Program

Have you been required to withdraw from your faculty and are looking for a way to stay at UCalgary, get back in good academic standing, and complete a degree? We want to help get you back on track!

Coordinated jointly by the Student Success Centre and the participating faculties, this program is for students who will be required to withdraw from the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science, Haskayne School of Business, or Schulich School of Engineering and are seeking an opportunity to regain their academic standing.

How to participate in the Academic Turnaround Program

Eligible students will receive an invitation to participate in the Academic Turnaround Program for the 2021/2022 academic year.

To successfully complete the application process and program requirements, you'll need to engage in your online ATP Program Guide. From this guide, you'll have an opportunity to;

  • Learn key tools to assist you in developing a plan for greater academic success
  • Identify available resources to help improve your academic performance
  • Access information necessary to complete the Academic Turnaround Program


Step 1: Apply for the Academic Turnaround Program

Entrance into the program is conditional upon the submission of:

  • A Plan for Success
  • Your completed contract

Your full application (Plan for Success and completed contract) must be submitted by the deadline indicated in your invite letter.

Step 2: Modify your course schedule

You'll receive a response from an academic development specialist within 10 business days of your submission,  If your application has been approved, you'll receive an approval letter which will contain details on the program requirements.

Afterward, it's important that you modify your course schedule based on the criteria outlined by your faculty.

Step 3: Register for the ATP Seminar Series

As soon as you've been approved for the program, you can register for the Academic Turnaround Seminar Series. The seminar series is a weekly non-credit class designed to provide you in-context strategies, help you create goals, and allow you to reflect on your academic improvement and wellbeing on a weekly basis. You'll attend weekly seminars in the fall semester, starting the week of Sept. 13 and ending the week of Nov. 22.

Step 4: Verify you have paid the program fee

The $500 program fee will be applied to your Student Centre at the beginning of the fall semester. The deadline to pay this fee without incurring interest is the fee payment deadline. This is in line with your UCalgary tuition fee payment schedule.

Step 5: Attend your weekly ATP Seminar

To complete the seminar requirement, you must achieve a passing grade of 70%. The details of the seminar are in your course outline, which is accessible through your D2L course.

In fall 2021, these seminars will be offered online.

Step 6: Raise your GPA and obtain Good Standing

Following your placement on academic probation in ATP, your academic record will again be reviewed and you must have achieved the GPA requirement as indicated by your faculty.


Academic Success

This non-credit course provides students with an opportunity to improve their academic success by developing in-context academic strategies, as well as creating and tracking academic goals, while engaging in reflection and discussions about their academic improvement.

Focusing on the development of self-regulated learning strategies, students will learn study techniques through an on-going application to their current course work.

Selected weeks will include content related to self-care and wellness.

It is mandatory for students in the Academic Turnaround Program to attend an Academic Turnaround Seminar Series (Academic Success or Personal Resilience).

Academic Success Stream - Topics:

  1. Mindset
  2. Big Picture Planning
  3. Self-Management 
  4. Making the Most of Your Lectures
  5. Study Smarter, Not Harder
  6. Avoiding Procrastination
  7. Self-Assessment
  8. Self-care
  9. Check-in and Self-Compassion
  10. Creating a Study Plan

Personal Resilience

This non-credit course provides students with an opportunity to improve their academic success through fortifying their personal resilience, as well as creating and tracking academic goals while engaging in reflection about their academic improvement.

Focusing on the development of personal resilience, students will learn strategies to enhance their self-care and response to adversity, through an on-going application to their challenges during semester.

Selected weeks will include content related to study techniques.

It is mandatory for students in the Academic Turnaround Program to attend an Academic Turnaround Seminar Series (Academic Success or Personal Resilience).

Personal Resilience Stream - Topics:

  1. Personal Meaning
  2. Goal-Setting
  3. Willpower and Motivation
  4. Self-Care
  5. Resilient Thinking (Part 1)
  6. Resilient Thinking (Part 2)
  7. Social Support
  8. Self-Compassion
  9. Gratitude
  10. Self-Reflection

Need assistance?

For questions regarding the Academic Turnaround Program, including application assistance, email

You may prefer to book an appointment with an Academic Development Specialist. These appointments are offered either by phone or online using Zoom. To book, go to 

Drop-in support for appointment booking and general questions is offered at our Virtual Front Desk, Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Access our Virtual Front Desk.   

You are also welcome to email Academic Turnaround Program Coordinator, Kaliopi Gorgichuk at

Haskayne students should contact their faculty Academic Development Specialist, Susan Basudde at with all Academic Turnaround Program inquiries. If you would like to book a meeting, please email Susan to arrange a date and time.

For Faculty specific advising, contact an advisor in Undergraduate Science CentreArts Students’ CentreHaskayne School of Business, or the Engineering Student Centre.

For independent advice, contact the Student Ombuds.

If you are experiencing any personal difficulties or require assistance in reassessing your academic and career goals, contact Counselling Services in the Wellness Centre.

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“My time in the STEPS program

gave me a whole new perspective on the learning process and on university itself. Prior to my participation, I struggled significantly academically and felt lost in navigating higher education. Through the STEPS program, I was not only able to become a more efficient, dedicated learner, but I also gained a newfound sense of confidence in myself. STEPS is not only a program that improves your studying; it also helps your wellbeing and outlook, providing you with the right tools and mindset to reach your academic goals.”

- Academic Turnaround Seminar Mentor


If we have not received your ATP application by the deadline, you will be withdrawn from your program and removed from all courses in which you are currently registered. Your transcript will reflect the ‘required to withdraw’ ruling. As per the Faculty Regulations on Required to Withdraw Students, you will be eligible to reapply to the University of Calgary after one year. In order to be considered for readmission you must meet the admission standards for your chosen degree program.

All students interested in entering ATP must complete their application by their indicated deadline. In the contract portion of the application, you will indicate when you will begin the program. You may take up to 1 year off from your studies before entering ATP. To request more than 1 year off, you will need to seek permission from your Faculty.

The program fee of $500 will be applied to your Student Centre at the beginning of the fall semester and can be paid through the same process as your regular class tuition. The deadline to pay this fee without incurring interest is by the fee deadline. This is in line with your UCalgary tuition fee payment schedule. Students taking time off will be required to pay their program fee the semester they return to their studies.

Course loads are limited so that students are able to gradually find their footing. The goal of restricting course loads is to help students take their studies slowly while they work to return to good standing.

At the discretion of the Faculty, students may have their course loads increased on a case-by-case basis, typically after completing a fall or winter term with strong results. Any exceptions to these limits must be approved prior to the registration deadline for the term requested.

Yes – block week counts towards your course limit.

For fall 2021, the seminars will be offered online only. Instruction and materials will be available through a combination of Zoom and D2L.

More information on seminars in winter 2022 or later will be provided as the public health situation evolves.

As the seminar is a required component of ATP, it is important to adjust your class schedule accordingly. Contact your Faculty Program Advisor for assistance in creating your schedule. 

If you can’t attend class on any given week, contact your seminar Instructor. Refer to your course outline for their contact information.

Without permission in advance from your seminar Instructor, you will not receive attendance credit for showing up to another section. 

The weekly seminars are only 50 minutes; as such, arriving late means missing a substantial amount of content. If you are over 15 minutes, you will be marked absent.