Exploratory Workshops

Whether you are in Open Studies, Arts Undeclared, or another undergraduate degree program, attending an exploratory workshop is a great way to learn useful information and skills, connect with Exploratory Advisors and other students, and to explore your options.

Exploratory Workshops

Why attend an exploratory workshop?

  • Gain confidence

  • Become empowered

  • Move forward

Contact info

Deirdre Mooney
Academic Advisor, Exploratory Students

Karen Quinn
Academic Advisor, Exploratory Students

Daniel Birch
Academic Advisor, Prospective & Open Studies Students

Exploratory Workshops

Designed for any non-degree holding Open Studies student, this 60-minute introductory workshop builds confidence in planning and navigating the Open Studies' journey. The workshop comprehensively reviews Open Studies regulations, course registration processes, and on-campus supports and opportunities. Students will recognize the differences between Open Studies and undergraduate degree programs. Presented by Exploratory Advisors dedicated to supporting Open Studies students, this workshop will cover degree structure, prerequisites, transfer credit, and the drop/add/swap/withdrawal processes and deadlines. A campus resource package will be provided. Students are encouraged to ask questions in a conversational setting and to connect with the Open Studies community. The workshop aims to empower students to consider their goals and develop their Open Studies game plan.

Transition to Undergraduate Degree is a second workshop offered for Open Studies students. Please see website for more information.

Upcoming Workshops

We will start offering this workshop again in August 2020

Are you in Open Studies and considering applying to an undergraduate degree program? This 60-minute workshop, offered throughout the Fall semester after the online application opens, is designed to guide students through the admission evaluation process and to develop a personalized plan. Since Open Studies students have unique and diverse educational backgrounds that influence their admissibility to a degree program, the workshop aims to help students prepare effective applications. Using examples, students will analyze their academic history to create a plan to transition to undergraduate programs. Through this process, students will select realistic first and second degree program choices, and ensure they adhere to important requirements, timelines, and deadlines. Led by experienced Exploratory Advisors, the workshop provides the opportunity for students to ask questions and to start their Apply Alberta application.

How to Choose a Major is an additional workshop offered for Open Studies students. Please see website for more information.

Upcoming Workshops

  1. August

    We will start offering this workshop again in August 2020

  2. September


Need to declare a major or considering changing your current one? Many students change their major at least once during their studies - it’s more common than you may think.

Designed for any student exploring their options, this 90-minute workshop offered throughout the Fall and Winter is a great place to start! The workshop introduces students to the concept of exploration and outlines a process for choosing a major. Led by Exploratory Advisors, the workshop explains the steps to reflect, gather information, evaluate options, and make decisions with the aim of building confidence in applying these skills to the major exploration journey. Since self-reflection is a foundational component of decision-making, students have the opportunity to complete self-assessments of their personal motivators, personality traits, interests and academics. To help students prioritize and determine their options, the workshop highlights key tools for gathering information about majors, minors and specializations.  Students will leave feeling engaged in the major exploration process and be ready to move forward.

Workshop registrants will receive a session workbook in advance via email. Please review the workbook content prior to attending.

Upcoming Workshops

  1. Fall 2020

    Dates still TBA