GPS Mentorship

GPS Mentorship (formerly International Student Mentorship Program) connects new international students (known as “mentees”) with current UCalgary students volunteers (known as “mentors”).

Mentorship Program

The objectives of the GPS Mentorship Program include:

  • To welcome new international students to the University of Calgary community
  • To provide peer-advice about adapting to studying at the University of Calgary (remotely or in-person) and adapting to life in Calgary
  • To build connections among new international students starting their studies (online or in-person) and current UCalgary students

Once mentors are matched with a new international student (mentee), they will correspond by email prior to the students' arrival in Calgary (or start of remote studies).

GPS mentors will be matched with new international students (mentees) at a similar level and area of study leading into the upcoming term. Mentors and mentees can attend different types of events and maintain contact with their match throughout the term. 

Group: At the start of the term, students will attend a social “Meet and Greet” where they will meet each other if they haven't already. For Winter 2022, there will be in-person and virtual options depending on participants comfort levels and location.

Pair: Students are encouraged to continue to maintain contact with their match throughout the term.

  • Mentors will contact their mentee one-two times per month
  • Mentees can contact their mentor with questions that come up along the way

Share: Program participants can attend events or submit surveys to share their expertise, experience, and contribute to knowledge of peer resources. 

Important Dates: Winter 2022 term

Registration for this program is now closed.

  • November 10 - November 28, 2021: Apply to be a mentor
  • November 15 - December 17, 2021: Apply to be a mentee 

Mentors are current students (any returning Canadian, international, undergraduate, or graduate students) who volunteer to support incoming international students, by answering questions about campus and Canadian life, sharing relevant experiences, and attending events with their mentees.

Mentors must submit an application and attend a mentor training session. Training sessions provide instruction on how to respond to common questions (for example, related to campus housing, using the UCalgary student portal, buying textbooks, or getting around Calgary). After completing training, mentors will be intentionally matched with an incoming student in a similar area and level of study. 

Mentor Participation

  • Submit an application
  • Register and complete training
  • Correspond with mentee via email at least once a month (roughly July-Dec for fall; Dec-Apr for winter)
  • Attend Mentorship Welcome Reception events (date to be confirmed) with your mentee; 
  • Encouraged to also remotely attend events with mentee throughout term
  • Report and provide feedback when communicating with mentee(s) at least 1-2 times per month in order to receive recognition on Co-Curricular Record (more information provided during training)

Contact with any questions.

Sign-Up as a Mentor for Winter 2022: Application will open on November 10, 2021. Deadline to apply is November 28, 2021. 

Mentees are incoming international students (undergraduate, graduate, or exchange) who are new to life at the university, Calgary, and Canada! Mentees are interested in enhancing their student experience by:

  • Connecting with an upper year student studying in the same program or faculty
  • Getting advice about getting settled & living in Calgary
  • Learning about social things to do
  • Meeting new acquaintances and building social network
  • Learning about UCalgary resources
  • Feeling connected to a community 

Mentee Participation

Participating as a mentee is an important and strongly recommended step of the New International Student Checklist.

Before you arrive in Calgary (or start your remote studies):

  • Request a mentor (through button below)
  • Regularly check your email for messages from mentor and correspond to mentor's email.
  • Check in with mentor at least once per month (roughly July-December for Fall term; December-April for Winter term)

Once you start your studies this winter (whether in Calgary or remotely):

  • Attend Mentorship Welcome Reception (date to be confirmed) with your mentor 
  • Encouraged to attend remote events with mentor throughout term
  • Submit end-of-term feedback survey

Contact with any questions.

Requests for Winter 2022 mentors will open November 15, 2021. It's best to apply early as the program has limited capacity.  Application will be closed on December 17, 2021.