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Pre-arrival Program

Pre-arrival Program for International Students

The Pre-arrival program for international students is an online program on D2L that’s available to all incoming UCalgary international students in July (students need to register for courses before they can access D2L). The program contains all the important information you need to know before and after your arrival. It’ll help ease your transition and help support you to thrive at UCalgary. 

Once you’ve registered for at least one credit course, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the pre-arrival program. To access D2L platform, you must register your IT account

Access the program to follow a step-by-step list of tasks to complete as an international student and make your transition into university a successful one. 

The pre-arrival program provides you with information about: 

  • Initial study permit application 
  • Preparing for your travel to/arrival in Canada 
  • Living and finding housing in Calgary 
  • Working while studying and obtaining a social insurance number  (SIN) 
  • Banking in Canada 
  • Cellphones in Calgary 
  • Healthcare and medical insurance in Alberta 
  • Transportation in Calgary 
  • Resources for students with families 
  • Connecting with UCalgary services during your program 
  • Additional resources to help you settle in Canada 
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The program will also give you access to the International Student Orientation Series, which discusses:

  • How to prepare for your arrival 
  • Working in Canada as an International Student 
  • Canadian Culture and the Canadian Classroom 
  • Choosing accommodation in Calgary 
  • Discover Calgary 
  • Finances and planning for the year ahead 
  • Finding off-campus accommodation 
  • Healthcare and medical insurance in Alberta

  • How to adjust to living in new country (navigating culture shock) 
  • Important settlement tasks 
  • International students and the Canadian tax system 
  • ISS information session 
  • Mentorship program for international students 
  • Minor students: travelling and studying in Canada 
  • Resources for daily life  
  • Preparing to start your career in Canada 
  • Weather in Calgary