Bringing your family

Many students studying in Canada are anxious about having to leave their spouse and/or children behind in their home country. This webpage will provide you with basic information on how your family can stay with you, or visit you, during your studies.

COVID-19 updates

The Government of Canada has removed most COVID-19 border and travel measures. However, there is a temporary COVID-19 testing requirements for certain travellers.

For more information please visit the COVID 19 Travel Canada website 

Bringing your partner or spouse

We understand that the accompanying spouses/partners of our international students need support too. 

Bringing your partner or spouse

Bringing your children

We understand that the accompanying children of our international students need support too. 

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Can my spouse and/or children come to Canada with me?

Yes. They would be able to come with you or visit you in Canada.

They will need a valid passport and a valid entrance document (should they require one). To determine which type of entrance document(s) they need, click here.

They can apply for their entrance document (TRV or eTA) at the time when you apply for your study permit, or they can apply separately after you arrive in Canada if they wish to come at a later date.

They may be able to stay with you for the whole duration of your studies, however, please note the length of their allowable stay will be determined by the immigration officer at the port of entry. This date will be written under the stamp in their passport. If need be, they can extend their stay from within Canada.