ICRP Team and Projects


Keith Yeates - Arts, Psychology; Medicine, Clinical Neurosciences, Paediatrics; ACHRI; HBI

Carolyn Emery - Kinesiology; Medicine, Community Health Sciences, Paediatrics; ACHRI; HBI; O'Brien Institute for Public Health; McCaig Institute for Bone & Joint Health 


Amanda Black- Kinesiology; HBI

Signe Bray- Medicine, Radiology, Clinical Neurosciences, Biomedical Engineering, Pediatrics; ACHRI; HBI 

William Bridel - Kinesiology; O'Brien Institute for Public Health 

Brian Brooks - Medicine, Clinical Neurosciences, Pediatrics; Arts, Psychology; ACHRI; HBI

Tyler Cluff - Kinesiology; HBI

Chantel Debert - Medicine, Clinical Neurosciences; Kinesiology; HBI

Sean Dukelow - Medicine, Clinical Neurosciences, Kinesiology; HBI; McCaig Institute for Bone & Joint Health 

Jeff Dunn - Medicine, Radiology, Physiology, Psychopharmacology, Clinical Neurosciences; ACHRI; HBI; McCaig Institute for Bone & Joint Health 

Michael Esser - Medicine, Paediatrics; ACHRI; HBI 

Richard Frayne - Medicine, Radiology, Clinical Neuroscience; HBI; Libin Institute 

Brad Goodyear - Medicine, Radiology, Clinical Neurosciences, Psychiatry; Engineering; HBI

Brent Hagel - Community Health Sciences; Paediatrics;  ACHRI 

Ashley Harris - Medicine, Radiology; Engineering; ACHRI; HBI

Catherine Lebel - Medicine, Radiology; Education; ACHRI; HBI; Mathison Centre for Mental Health Research & Education

Ryan Peters- Kinesiology 

Amir Sanati-Nezhad- Engineering; HBI; Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute, Libin Cardiovascular Insitute of Alberta

Kathryn Schneider - Kinesiology; ACHRI; HBI

Jonathan Smirl- Kinesiology 

Jennifer Zwicker - Kinesiology, Graduate Studies, Public Policy; ACHRI, O'Brien Institute for Public Health



Heather Godfrey - Clinical Trials Nurse




Mark Agius - Project Manager

Kimberley Befus- Research Coordinator 

Michaela Chadder- Research Coordinator 

Fil Cortese- Research Assistant 

Shane Esau- Research Coordinator

Amanda Ip - Research Assistant 

Regan King - Research Assistant

Lisa Marie Langevin - Research Coordinator

Matthew Machan- Research Assistant 

Mehak Sandhu- Research Assistant 

Elysa Sandron- Research Coordinator 

Stacy Sick - Research Coordinator

Shane Virani - Research Coordinator 

Nik Zivanovic - Research Assistant 



Please see Training page for details on the program's trainees.