Prevention (Epidemiology)

Who sustains concussions, and what can be done to prevent concussions from occurring in the first place?


  • Despite most previous research having been focused on individuals identified either at hospitals (i.e., emergency departments) or in athletic settings, the majority of concussions do not come to hospital and occur outside of sports. The ICRP plan calls for the development of a world-class injury surveillance program that extends into the broader Calgary community to involve community agencies, schools, primary care providers, and other institutions and individuals involved in the identification of concussion. 
  • The surveillance program will allow us to detect the broader population of concussions in the greater Calgary area, and target our education and outreach efforts; it will directly engage the community in the ICRP, while simultaneously providing a critical pipeline for research recruitment.


  • In addition to identifying concussions, we also want to be able to track them across time and collect a standard set of information about them. Thus, the surveillance program will be combined with the creation of a Calgary concussion patient registry. The patient registry will facilitate the collection of information about concussion that can be used for multiple research purposes: to recruit patients for clinical trials; to learn about factors associated with concussion; to monitor concussion outcomes; and to identify best practices in clinical care through studies of comparative effectiveness


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