Brad Goodyear

Brad Goodyear

Dr. Bradley Goodyear is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Radiology, Clinical Neurosciences and Psychiatry, and a member of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute (HBI) in the Cumming School of Medicine. He is also the Scientific Director of the Seaman Family MR Research Centre, Foothills Medical Centre, Alberta Health Sciences, and he directs the HBI’s Neuroimaging Research Unit (NIRU). Dr. Goodyear has an active research program focusing on functional imaging of concussion and immune-mediated inflammatory diseases. His research focuses on developing new acquisition and signal processing techniques to determine how functional and structural connections in the brain change with these conditions, as means to assess treatment and predict patient outcomes. He holds a BSc (Physics, 1993) from Memorial University of Newfoundland, an MSc (Condensed Matter Physics, 1995) from the University of Waterloo, and a PhD from the University of Western Ontario (Medical Biophysics, 1999). Dr. Goodyear has over 20 years’ experience in MRI. His current research funding is from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) and the National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

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