Brian Brooks

Dr. Brian Brooks is a pediatric neuropsychologist at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, an adjunct faculty member with Pediatrics, Clinical Neurosciences, and Psychology, a full member of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute (ACHRI), and an associate member of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute (HBI). He is supported by a CIHR Embedded Clinician Researcher award. His research focuses on youth who have poor recovery from concussion, through improving early diagnosis, better prognostication of outcome, and potential treatment options. He is also studying long-term outcomes from multiple concussions using neuropsychological and neuroimaging tools.


Tracking long-term neurobiological outcomes from pediatric concussion (NEURO-track)


Refractory post-concussion symptoms in children and adolescents presenting for specialized care in a tertiary hospital: A longitudinal observational study. 

Staff: Shane ViraniNik Zivanovic 

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