Chantel Debert

Chantel Debert

Dr. Chantel T. Debert is an academic physiatrist.   She completed her residency training in physical medicine and rehabilitation at the University of Calgary. Dr. Debert is a Assistant Professor in the Department of Clinical Neurosciences, in the division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, at the University of Calgary, and a member of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute (HBI). She is a physician lead for the research program for the Calgary Brain Injury Program and the Integrative concussion Research representative for the HBI BMH concussion  neuroteam.  Clinically, she sees sport-related concussion, mild, moderate and severe brain injury patients in the both the outpatient and inpatient setting.  Dr. Debert’s research interests include outcomes in concussion and traumatic brain injury, and appropriate treatment for persistent symptoms following TBI. Specifically, she is interested in diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers, transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment and rehabilitation treatments for patients suffering with traumatic brain injury.


Treatment of post-concussion symptoms with exercise: A MR Spectroscopy imaging approach to determining treatment response.

Treatment of Post-traumatic greater Occipital Neuralgia with PRP: a double-blinded randomized trial. 

Treatment of Persistent post-concussion symptoms with exercise: A single blinded randomized control trial of aerobic verses stretching protocol. 

Treatment of Post-concussion Syndrome with transcranial magnetic stimulation using fNIRS as a tool to determine treatment response. 

Treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder in patients with trauma using transcranial magnetic stimulation

Getting healthy after concussion: a smartphone application

Trainees: Jason TaborLeah Mercier, Jacqueline Stone, Sane du PlessisLauren Capozzi, Julia BatyckyAdam Idriss, Lydia Cho, Nicole Joe

Staff: Christina Campell

Publications: PubMed