What is Quality Graduate Supervision?

Quality graduate supervision requires an investment of time and effort to build productive, research-focused mentoring relationships with students that promote excellence in scholarship and wellness. Strong supervisory relationships can result in new discoveries in the lab or in the community, in co-presenting study results at conferences and symposia, attracting research funding and scholarships, and co-authoring manuscripts for publication in journals and books. Effective supervisors encourage and support the apprenticeship of their graduate students in a research community of practice. 


Key Words MOOC Participants Used to Describe Effective Supervision

Graduate supervision is a complex, ever evolving and demanding component of a faculty member’s research and teaching

Walker et al., 2008

Is this online course a fit for you?

The role of a graduate supervisor ranges from being an academic mentor to coach and guide who encourages and supports graduate students in conducting original research. Whether you are new to supervision or have been supervising masters and doctoral students for many years, this online course is designed to support you in sharing your experiences and enhancing your supervisory skills and practices in a community of peers.

New and experienced supervisors engaged in conversations about how best to support students: 

  • I often wonder where is the 'sweet spot' between pushing a student to achieve various milestones versus allowing their ideas to percolate a bit...
  • One thing I still find challenging is guiding students through the formalities and academic writing components of graduate work...
  • I am still learning how to guide students through the job search process and helping them be successful in securing the positions they aim for...