Discussion Forums

Examining Effective Supervision Across Disciplines

In weekly discussion forums, supervisors engage with colleagues from across disciplines in sustained conversations about mentoring students. Discussion forums include prompt questions that reflect the topic of the module and encourage participants to reflect on their practice and dive deep into supervision. Reading and reflecting on what colleagues post, and interacting within the discussion forums, is a powerful way to learn about diverse supervision practices in a community of peers.

Describe the types of careers that graduates from your program typically pursue, and the types of careers that they typically get. What strategies or resources do you use to mentor graduate students for the diverse career paths and opportunities that are available to them?

- Prompt from Mentoring for Diverse Careers module

The discussion board provides an ongoing opportunity for supervisors to engage in and extend the conversation about supervision by posting their ideas and strategies, and writing responses to colleagues' posts, discussion questions, resources and expert videos. The word cloud to the right captures key words that MOOC participants have used to describe effective graduate supervision. 

discussion forum

MOOC Participants told us:

It allows the sharing of workable ideas and strategies from novice and expert graduate student supervisors that inform future supervisory responsibilities across disciplines and faculties/departments.

Graduate Supervisor

I learned about many aspects I hadn't thought of before. I talk to many colleagues about graduate supervision but this is still mainly in the sciences. I really appreciated insights from education and the arts.

Graduate Supervisor

Hearing from supervisors in a variety of disciplines helped identify areas of commonality as well as areas of difference. It provided a richer description and understanding of supervisory practices.

Graduate Supervisor