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The QGS MOOC has been designed to offer flexible and accessible faculty development for new and experienced graduate supervisors. This course provides faculty with an innovative and responsive, interdisciplinary online learning community to discuss graduate supervision with their academic peers. Faculty can draw upon their own expertise and experiences as they engage in and contribute to collaborative learning experiences, and collectively strengthen the quality of graduate supervision available for graduate students.

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

Enrich their understanding of the role & responsibilities of an effective graduate supervisor

Engage in strategies for building productive, research focused mentoring relationships with graduate students

Elucidate and consider diverse mentoring approaches for academic writing

Examine online supervision strategies for connecting and collaborating with students

Explore different strategies for mentoring students for diverse career paths

Embody expectations for excellence as well as health & wellness in graduate education

Employ strategies that anticipate and address challenges and conflict

Elaborate on their own supervision strengths while setting goals for ongoing development of practice

Earn a digital badge recognizing completion of the course.

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