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Take a Peek at the Design Components


Weekly topics start with an introductory narrative, provide references to current research and perspectives on graduate supervision, and outline the learning objectives for the module.

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Expert Supervisor Videos

Academic faculty recognized for excellence in graduate supervision contributed expertise, experiences and insights to this online course. Expert supervisors from arts, education, engineering, medicine, nursing, science and social work appear, along with award winning supervisors from other Canadian Universities.

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Webinar Series

Weekly Webinars bring forward the expertise & insights of expert supervisor panelists in the exploration of current issues in graduate supervision, and provide course participants with opportunities for live conversations and engagement with peers from across disciplines. 

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Discussion Forums

Supervisors engage with colleagues from across disciplines in sustained conversations about supervising and mentoring graduate students. Course facilitators and discussion moderators help to guide the interdisciplinary discussions on current topics and issues in graduate supervision in weekly discussion forums. 

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Curated Resources

Hundreds of curated resources about effective graduate supervision, research on graduate education and issues in mentoring have been gathered locally and provincially, as well as from several Canadian Universities and from high profile experts, blogs and organizations world-wide.

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Taking Action on Supervision

Graduate supervisors rate this project a highlight of their MOOC experience.  Academic colleagues engage in an ongoing writing, reflection and planning for graduate supervision and mentoring relationships by documenting their strengths, reflecting on learning, setting goals for growth, and identifying actions for strengthening practice.

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