Past Internal Seminars

Academic year 2014/2015

December 15th - Ghislain St-Yves - Filament turbulence

December 1st - David Reiss - Functional clusters in neuronal cultures

November 24th - Samira Maghsoudi - Statistical seismology and magnitude of completeness

November 17th - Elliot Martin - Causality and complex networks

October 27th - Nils Fischer - Inferring causal connections in the Ising model

Academic year 2013/2014


Spring/Summer semester 2013

August 21st - Adarsh Prasad - Symbolic transfer entropy and financial time series

Winter semester 2012

March 20th - Peter Grassberger - From fads to pinned rough interfaces: the many faces of cooperative contagion Part II

March 6th - Peter Grassberger - From fads to pinned rough interfaces: the many faces of cooperative contagion Part I

February 28th - Jörn Davidsen - Progress in earthquake research

February 21th - Golnoosh Bizhani - Hamiltonian Random Graphs (.pdf)

February 14th - Fernando Girotto - Functional Clustering of Neurons (abstract)

February 7th - Ghislain St. Yves - Instability driven defect turbulence

January 31th - Aicko Yves Schumann - Theory of Recurrence Networks & Journal Club on Identification of dynamical transitions in marine palaeoclimate records by recurrence network analysis by Donges et al.

January 24th - Maksim Kitsak - "Hyperbolic Geometry of Complex Networks" ATTENTION: Talk starts at 4pm in SB501

January 17th - Peter Grassberger and Hon Wai Lau - TBA

January 10th - Seung Woo Song - "Simulations of Interdependent Networks"

Fall semester 2011

October 28th - Claire Christensen - Journal Club: "Edit Wars in Wikipedia" by Robert Sumi

October 20th - Maya Paczuski - Journal Club: Are randomly grown graphs really random? by Duncan S. Callaway; PRE 64, 041902 (2001)

October 13th - Julian Kranz talks about his summer project on extreme value statistics applied to physiological data

October 6th - Patrick Wohlfahrt will present his summer project's result on studying cross-correlations in EEG data

September 29th - Antje Brueckner will present her summer project on a portable EEG recording device

September 22th - Aicko Yves Schumann - "Inferring Dependence in Functional Networks from Studying Time Series"

September 15th - Ghislain St. Yves and Chad Gu will host a journal club and discuss "Spectral properties of chimera states"

Spring/Summer semester 2011

August 24th - Brittany Welsh will present the results of her summer project and talk about "Periodically Forced Spiral Waves in Surface Catalysis"

July 20th - Seung-Woo Song will talk about a "Mean-field solution to percolation on interdependent networks"

July 13th - Peter Grassberger "Local to global crossover in interdependent networks"

July 6th - Fernando Girotto will host a Journal club on "Symbiotic relationship between brain structure and dynamics"

June 27th - Claire Christensen and Golnoosh Bizhani "Interesting Topics at NetSci 2011 in Budapest Part II"

June 20th - Claire Christensen and Golnoosh Bizhani "Interesting Topics at NetSci 2011 in Budapest Part I"

June 6th - Joshua Slater will talk about his results on the application of Benford's law to earthquake and sleep data

June 1st - Orion Penner "Worm Dynamics"

Winter semester 2011

May 30th - Peter Grassberger

May 9th / May 16th - Maya Paczuski

May 2nd - Michael Colicos (Department of Physiology & Pharmacology, UofC) "title tba"

April 28th - Filippo Radicchi "Defining and identifying significant communities in networks" 

April 25th - Jörn Davidsen "Are earthquake magnitudes correlated?" (Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 108502 (2011))

April 18th - Mark Naylor (University of Edinburgh) "Exploring the limits of earthquake forecasting, Part II"

April 11th - Mark Naylor (University of Edinburgh) "Exploring the limits of earthquake forecasting"

April 4th - Maya Paczuski Journal Club: "Emergence and Decline of Scientific Paradigms"

March 28th - Maya Paczuski Journal Club: "Time Walkers and Spatial Dynamics of Aging Information"

March 21st - Golnoosh Bizhani Journal Club: "Dynamical Opinion Model and Invasion Percolation"

March 14th - Adam Pidlisecky "Data Analysis Problems in Current Topics of Geoscience"

March 7th - Chad Gu "Statistics of aftershock sequences"

February 28th - Elliot Martin Journal Club: "Nonparametric Sparsification of Complex Multiscale Networks"

February 14th - Elliot Martin "Climate Correlation Networks"

February 7th - Joshua Slater "Benford's Law and Applications"

January 31st - Ghislain St. Yves "Loop Statistics in a Random Walker Model of Topological Defects" 

January 24th - Journal Club: "Catastrophic cascade of failures in interdependent networks" hosted by Golnoosh Bizhani & Orion Penner(papers: Buldyrev et al Nature 2010Parshani et al arXiv 2010)

Fall semester 2010

December 6 -  Fernando Girotto - Coupling between time series (discussion of paper by Gomez-Herrero et al. (2010))

November 22 - Claire Christensen - tba

November 15 - Aicko Schumann - Extreme events in correlated Levy processes.

November 8 - Orion Penner - tba

November 1 - Chad Gu - Universality of Zipf's law (discussion of Phys. Rev. E 82, 011102 (2010)).

October 25 - Ghislain St-Yves - Spiral Chimeras (discussion of papers by Strogatz and Kuramoto)

October 18 - David Foster - An ensemble approach to the interrelationship between clustering and assortativity

October 4 - David Foster - Sampling bias in the collection of large directed networks

September 27 - Peter Grassberger - Impromptu lecture on percolation

Winter semester 2010

August 18 - Bryce Sager-Snelgrove - Spatiotemporal chaos of self-replicating spots in reaction-diffusion systems (Part II)

August 18 - Holly Dale - Complexity in seismic time series

August 11 - Thomas Scheigler - Extreme events in chaotic systems

August 4 - Orion Penner - Discussion of the Loser's Curse.

July 28 - Fernando Girotto - Functional networks in nerve tissue

June 9 - Seung-woo Son - Strongly connected component structure of directed networks

June 2 - Nicholas Moloney - The Naming Game and First Passage Times

May 26 - Bryce Sager-Snelgrove - Spatiotemporal chaos of self-replicating spots in reaction-diffusion systems

May 5 - Peter Grassberger - Applications of Mutual Information: From Independent Component Analysis to Sequential Alignment

April 7 - David Foster/Maya Paczuski - Innovation and Innovation Societies

March 31 - Tiago Peixoto -Reliable Dynamics in Boolean Netwok

March 24 - David Foster - Line Graphs and Community Detection; discussing two papers by Evans and Lambiotte (1) and (2)

March 19 - Jacob Foster - Social Network Discussion (Kleinberg and Ligett (2010) and Schifanella and Menczer (2010))

March 17 - Elliot Martin - Random-walk computation of similarities between nodes of a graph

March 10 - Golnoosh Bizhani - Small-World to Fractal Transition in Complex Networks: A Renomalization Group Approach

February 24 - Aicko Yves Schumann - Cross-Modulated Amplitudes an Frequencies in the Human EEG

February 10 - Jacob Foster - A Network Analysis Smorgasbord Part 2

Febrary 3 - Seung-Woo Son - Link Rank: Finding communtiies in Directed Networks

January 27 - Jacob Foster: A Network Analysis Smorgasbord Part 1

Winter semester 2009

5 March 2009, Ghislain St-Yves, "Defect mediated turbulence and the quasiperiodic route to chaos".

Fall semester 2008

25 November 2008, Nicholas Moloney, "A number-theoretic SOC model", PRL 101, 158702 (2008) 

18 November, 2008. Jacob Foster, "Unification in the Behavioral Sciences".

4 November, 2008. Elliot Martin, "How Growth and Stress Decide Geometry".

30 September, 2008. Ghislain St-Yves, "Is the Bohmian Interpretation Operational?".

7 October, 2008. Golnoosh Bizhani, "Anisotropic Elastic Models or Short DNA Planar Loops".

Winter semester 2008

January 21, 2008. Andrew Berdahl, Amer Shreim and Vishal Sood: "Avalanches, Transients and Attractors in RBNs".

Fall semester 2007

27 September 2007. Orion Penner: "Twinness in Protein Interaction Networks"

20 September 2007. Maya Paczuski: "A Physicist Looks at Life"

31 August 2007. Vishal Sood: "Somite segmentation and Ultradian Oscillations"