Internal Seminars

Standard Times for Winter 2019: Wednesdays 2:30-3:30pm

Standard Location: SB 605D

The CSG Internal Seminars are a venue for members of the CSG to make informal presentations on a variety of topics. The topics of these seminars are typically either current research projects being carried out by members of the Complexity Science Group or recent publications of interest to members of the Complexity Science Group.

A list of past Internal Seminars can be found here

April 3: Ayush Mandwal (A biochemical mechanism for time-encoding memory formation within individual synapses of Purkinje cells )

March 27: no seminar

March 20 (3pm): Joseph Hickey (Self-organization and time-stability of social hierarchies)

March 13: no seminar

March 6: Omid Khajehdehi (Modelling fluid-induced microseismicity)

February 27 (1:30pm): Andres' thesis defense

February 20: reading week

February 13 (2pm): Claudia Gomes da Rocha (Emergence of winner-takes-all connectivity paths in random nanowire networks)

February 6: Kamran Karimi (Plastic flow vs brittle fracture: Role of solid friction in amorphous materials)

January 30: Young-Jai Park and Seung-Woo Son (Motifs in directed and weighted networks)

December 5: Omid Khajehdehi (TBA)

November 28: Mohammad Yaghoubi (thesis defense dry run)

November 21: no CSG seminar (HBI workshop on Computational Neurosciences)

November 14: no CSG seminar (reading week)

November 7: Zahra Rezaei (Complex brain networks & neuronal cultures)

October 31: Complexity Science Seminar (Grzegorz Kwiatek)

October 24: Mohammad Yaghoubi (Avalanche dynamics and criticality in up and down states)

October 17: Davor Curic (Journal club: "A Tutorial for Information Theory in Neuroscience")

October 10: Ayush Mandwal (Modelling eye-blink experiments and temporal learning)

October 3: no CSG seminar (International Symposium on Complexity Science Approaches to Brain Dynamics)

September 26: Young-Jai Park (Complex networks)

September 19: Jordi Baro (CRD seminar at 3pm)

September 12: Javier Orlandi (Emergent behaviour in neuronal cultures)

June 7: Joseph Hickey (Legal citation networks)

April 11: Ayush Mandwal (Journal Club: "Could Neuroscientist understands a microprocessor")

March 28: Cole Lord-May (Conceptual Model of Fluid-Induced Microseismicity)

March 21: Isaura Oliver (Variability in brain network across subjects)

March 14: Javier Orlandi (The physics of neuronal cultures: Phase transitions, avalanches, bursting dynamics and pattern formation)

March 7: Seung-Woo Son (Phase transition natures on various percolation rules)

February 28 (Math 478): Reza Torabi (The effect of superdiffusion on the instability in reaction-diffusion systems)

February 22(!): Ayush Mandwal (Mechanism behind conditional response of the Purkinje cell)

February 14 (Math 478): Mohammad Yaghoubi & Daniel Korchinski (journal club: Landau–Ginzburg theory of cortex dynamics)

February 7: Gui-Qing Zhang (Earthquake model with relaxation and long-range interactions)

December 6 (2pm): Jordi Baro (Conceptual models of microseismicity induced by fluid injection)

November 29 (2pm): Ivan Fernandez (Information propagation and twitter networks)

November 22 (2pm): Javier Orlandi (Overview of Neuroscience 2017)

November 15 (all day, COP): Microseismic Industry Consortium sponsor meeting

November 8 (2pm): Isaura Oliver (journal club: Epidemic processes in complex networks)

November 1 (noon, downtown): Ryan Schultz (Microseismic User Group Seminar)

October 25 (1pm): Gui-Qing Zhang (Next-nearest neighbor OFC model), Jordi Baro (journal club: Stress Transmission and Failure in Disordered Porous Media)

October 18 (2pm): Paul Herringer (Inferring the connectome of neuronal networks), Ayush Mandwal (Liang-Kleeman Formalism for Information flow)

October 11 (1pm, MS 325): Joern Davidsen (Physics of Complex Systems: Triggering Processes & Information Cascades)

October 4 (2pm): Daniel Korchinski (Avalanche definitions and Griffiths Phases vis-à-vis the Criticality Hypothesis, Part II)

September 27 (1pm): Daniel Korchinski (Avalanche definitions and Griffiths Phases vis-à-vis the Criticality Hypothesis, Part I)

September 20 (2pm): Ivan Fernandez (Study of human settlements distribution and a preliminary description of noise-focusing in social networks)

August 23 (3pm): Nhu Nguyen (Statistics of rock fracture: a study in granular material)

August 23 (noon): Cole Lord-May (Conceptual models of microseismicity induced by fluid injection)

August 22 (11am): Paul Herringer (Exploring techniques for inferring neuronal networks)

August 15 (11am): Blake Ledger (A Model for Self-Organized Criticality in the Brain)

August 8 (noon): Mohammad Yaghoubi (Functional and structural networks in the brain)

May 11 (10-noon): Lev Guzman (Discussion of connection between generalized dimensions from spatial and temporal data from seismic records)

April 19: Joseph Hickey (Detecting legal periods and analyzing the evolution of legal principles in citation networks of Canadian judicial decisions)

April 12: no seminar (Complexity Science Seminar on April 10 instead)

April 5: no seminar (presentations by Isaura, Ayush and Mohammad in seminar course)

March 29: Daniel Korchinski (Neuronal avalanches under coarse graining in realistic brain models)

March 22: Jordi Baro (The Critical Sandbox: Statistical Analysis of Kinetic Avalanches in a Granular Ensemble under Hard Triaxial Compression)

March 15: Journal club (Ayush)

March 8: Journal club (Andres)

March 1: Journal club (Daniel)

February 22: Reading week

February 15: Isaura Oliver (Source data networks)

February 8: Journal club (Ayush)

February 1: Journal club (Mohammad)

January 25: no seminar

January 18: Journal club (Mohammad)

December 7: Jordi Baro (Relating triggering processes in lab experiments with earthquakes) & journal club

November 30 (3-4pm): Javier Orlandi (Avalanches in neuronal systems II)

November 23: Andres Zambrano (Analysis of Magnitude Correlations in a Self-Similar Model of Seismicity)

November 16: no seminar

November 9: Jordi Baro (Avalanche Models with Transient Effects: Can we fit them in the same Universality Class? - Part II)

November 2 (3-4pm): Joseph Hickey (Authoritarianism-violence phase diagram of social hierarchy)

October 26: Jordi Baro (Avalanche Models with Transient Effects: Can we fit them in the same Universality Class?)

October 19: Daniel Korchinski (MRI monitoring of monocytes to detect immune stimulating treatment response in brain tumor)

October 12 (3-4pm): Isaura Oliver (Information in Pairwise Networks)

October 5: Ayush Mandwal (Exploring signatures of quantum chaos in double pendulum)

September 28: Mohammad Yaghoobi (Statistical analysis of scale free dynamics in folate and control neuronal culture)

September 21 (3-4pm): Javier Orlandi (Avalanches in neuronal systems. Universality or heterogeneity?)

April 6: Stuart Ghanam (Simulations of invasion percolation to characterize microseismic activity induced by fracking), Ty de Graaf (TBA)

March 30: Mohammad Yaghoobi (Brownian motion in asymmetric potentials)

March 23: Andres Zambrano Moreno (Complex networks)

March 16: Javier Orlandi (Noise focusing and the emergence of coherent activity in neuronal cultures)

March 9: Jordi Baro (Critical Failure and Indirect Evidences of Dynamic Weakening and Hardening in  Quasi-Brittle Multifragmentation)

March 2: Jordi Baro (How to Understand Your Point Process)

February 24: Jordi Baro (How to Fit Your Power-Law)

February 10: Isaura Oliver (Comorbidity in epidemic spreading processes)

January 20: Joseph Hickey (Citation networks in law: a look at the data and a "primer" application of two analysis methods)

November 30 (room change: SB512A): Kelly Pratt (Record-breaking magnitudes in microseismicity induced by hydraulic fracturing), Paul MacMahon (Spiral break-up in CO oxidation on platinum surfaces)

November 23: Andres Zambrano Moreno (Self-similar aftershock models)

November 16: Elliot Martin (Modelling complex systems as dynamical networks)

November 9: Hon-Wai Lau (Linked and knotted chimera filaments in oscillatory systems)

November 2 (room change: SB512A): Joern Davidsen (Triggering proccesses in rock fracture: On the importance of large-scale heterogeneities)

October 26: Samira Maghsoudi (Non-trivial Clustering in Microseismicity Induced by Hydraulic Fracturing)

October 19: Alex Meinke (Inferring structural network connectivity)

October 14 (date change!): Jordi Baro (Avalanches in out-of-equilibrium systems)