Javier Orlandi

Main research interests

  • Criticality and Self-Organized Criticality in Neuronal Systems

  • Spontaneous activity in neuronal cultures

  • Neuro-glia communication

  • Network inference in neuroscience


2016+ Eyes High Postdoctoral Fellow - University of Calgary - Complexity Science Group - Dept. of Physics and Astronomy 2015-2016 Postdoctoral Fellow - University of Barcelona - Depts. of Biomedicine and Condensed Matter 2010-2015 Predoctoral Fellow - University of Barcelona - Dept. of Condensed Matter

Selected publications

Activity and High-Order Effective Connectivity Alterations in Sanfilippo C Patient Specific Neuronal Networks

Canals, I., Soriano, J., Orlandi, J. G., Torrent, R., Richaud-Patin, Y., Jiménez-Delgado, S., Merlin, S., Follenzi, A., Consiglio, A., Vilageliu, L., Grinberg, D., Raya, A.,

Stem Cell Reports, 5 (4). 2015


Ph.D. Thesis: Noise, coherent activity and network structure in neuronal cultures

Javier G. Orlandi


Transfer entropy reconstruction and labeling of neuronal connections from simulated calcium imaging

Orlandi, J. G., Stetter, O., Soriano, J., Geisel, T., Battaglia, D.,

PLOS ONE, 9 (6): e98842. 2014


Noise focusing and the emergence of coherent activity in neuronal cultures

Orlandi, J. G., Soriano, J., Alvarez-Lacalle, E., Teller, S., Casademunt, J.,

Nature Physics, 9 (9): 582–590. 2013

Javier Orlandi

Contact information

Javier G. Orlandi, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow

Department of Physics and Astronomy

University of Calgary SB 502, 2500

University Drive NW, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA T2N 1N4

T: +1 403.210.7903