James Reid

Contact information

Science B Rm 504

Department of Physics and Astronomy,
SB 605, University of Calgary
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, AB
T2N 1N4

Phone: 1 (403) 210-7908
e-mail: jreid(at)phas.ucalgary.ca

About me

I am currently studying pattern formation in 3D using the Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equation (CGLE). The CGLE is a non-linear partial differential equation that describes the dynamics of a reaction-diffusion system near the Hopf bifurcation. In practice it is a system whose behaviour can be controlled through two parameters: one that links the rate of change in the field to its current value, and one that links the rate of change to the field value of its neighbours.

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details

Dr. James Cowie Reid
Department of Physics and Astronomy
New Zealand
02 November 1978


2007 PhD in Chemistry, (Australian National University, Australia)

Thesis: "Fluctuations of thermal systems"

2003 BSc(Hons, 1st Class) in Physics,  (Victoria University of Wellington (VUW), New Zealand)

Thesis: "Storage Phosphor Characteristics of Cerium Doped Glass Ceramics"

Thesis: "Using Double Quantum Coherence to Examine Heterogeneity and Anisotropy of Soft Condensed Matter"

2002 LLB(Hons, 1st Class) (VUW, New Zealand).

Thesis: "Protection of the Environment in Armed Conflict: an Examination through the Looking Glass of New Zealand's International Obligations"

Thesis:"Disordered Approach, Disordered Consequences: Examining the Introduction of Diminished Responsibility through its Likely Interactions with Provocation and Insanity"


Top Poster Presentation, RACI Physical Chemistry Conference, RACI, 2004
ANU PhD Scholarship, ANU, 2003-2006
Research School of Chemistry Supplemental Scholarship, ANU, 2003-2006
Alan Sargeson PhD Supplementary Scholarship, ANU, 2003-2006
VUW Graduate Award, VUW, 2002
School of Chemical and Physical Sciences Physics Honours Scholarship, VUW, 2002
200 Level Physics Prize, VUW, 1998
100 Level Chemistry Prize, VUW, 1997
100 Level Physics Prize, VUW, 1997


Refereed Publications

J. Reid, D. Carberry, G Wang, E Sevick, D. Searles, D. Evans, "Ups and Downs, Fluctuation Relations Applied to an Optical Trapping Experiment", Poster presentation at the Australian-Italian Workshop on Statistical Physics, Gold Coast, Australia, February 13-15 2006.

G.M. Wang, D.M. Carberry, J.C. Reid, E.M. Sevick, and D.J. Evans, "Demonstration of the steady-state fluctuation theorem from a single trajectory", Journal of Physics.: Condensed Matter 17, S3239-3244 (2005).

J.C. Reid, E.M. Sevick, and D.J. Evans, "A Unified Description of Two New Theorems in Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics: The Fluctuation Theorem and the Work Relation", i>Europhysics Letters., 72 (5) 725-732 (2005).

G.M. Wang, J.C. Reid, D.M. Carberry, D.R.M. Williams, E.M. Sevick, and D.J. Evans, "Experimental Study of the Fluctuation Theorem in a Non-Equilibrium Steady State", Physical Review E71, 046142:1-11 (2005).

J.C. Reid, D.M. Carberry, G.M. Wang, E.M. Sevick, D.J. Searles, and D.J. Evans, "Reversibility in Non-equilibrium Trajectories of an Optically Trapped Particle", Physical Review E. 70, 01611:1-9, (2004).


D.M. Carberry, J.C. Reid, G.M. Wang, E.M. Sevick, D.J. Searles, and D.J. Evans, "Fluctuations and Irreversibility: An Experimental Demonstration of a Second Law-like Theorem Using a Colloidal Particle Held in an Optical Trap",Physical Review Letters 92, 140601-140604 (2004).

J. Reid, D. Carberry, G Wang, E Sevick, D. Searles, D. Evans, "Applications of a stochastically derived fluctuation theorem: Transient and steady state fluctuation of an optically trapped colloid", APS Conference, Montreal, Canada, March 2004.

J. Reid, D. Carberry, G Wang, E Sevick, D. Searles, D. Evans, "Predicting the Thermodynamic Evolution of Simple Stochastic Systems: The Fluctuation Theorem Applied to Optically Trapped Colloids", Poster presentation at the Royal Australian Chemical Institute Physical Chemistry Conference, Hobart, Australia, February 1-5 2004.