Golnoosh Bizhani

I am a PhD student in the Complexity Science Group since 2008. Currently I work on percolation properties of complex networks in collaboration with Prof. Maya Paczuski and Prof. Peter Grassberger. We are interested in how cooperativity combined with randomness can create complex behavior in such systems, in particular the way it might change the nature of percolation transitions from continuous to discontinuous. 

I mostly focus on Generalized Epidemic Processes that can be a unifying framework for diverse phenomena such as interface depinning, complex contagion in random media and exponential random graphs.

We also consider how concepts and methods of data analysis can be used to create a physics of large organizations that can be modeled as interdependent communication networks.


For more information on my scientific work see my most recent reseach proposal, and for more information about me see my CV.


  1. Maya Paczuski,  University of Calgary.
  2. Peter Grassberger,  University of Calgary.
  3. Vishal Sood,  Center for Life Studies, Denmark.
  4. Seung-Woo Son,  Hanyang University, Ansan, Gyunggi-do, Korea.
  5. Claire Cristensen,  University of Calgary.
  6. Reza Ejtehadi, Sharif University of Technology.

Selected talks and posters

  1. Percolation Properties of Complex Networks (.pdf)
  2. Cooperativity and Discontinuous Percolation Transitions in Complex Systems (.pdf
  3. Cooperativity and Discontinuous Percolation Transitions in Interface Depinning, Complex Contagion, and Social Behavior (.pdf)
  4. Hamiltonian Random Graph Model with Intermediate Clustering (.pdf)
  5. Hamiltonian Random Graphs (.pdf)
  6. Random Sequential Renormalization of Networks: Are complex Networks Fractal? (.pdf)
  7. Zooming out on Complex Networks (.pdf)


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Professional experiences and memberships

  1. Member of Canadian Associan of Physicists (CAP), 2012.
  2. International student representative in Physics and Astonomy DGA. (2010 - 2011).
  3. Member of 'Physical Experiment Designers' for high school in Frazanegan under supervision of NODET, (Jan. 2002 - Sep. 2005).
  4. Supervising the Students’ Physics Projects in Farzanegan High School under Supervision of NODET, (Sept. 2000 - Sept. 2003).
  5. Committee Member for Choosing Physics Projects for Nationwide Physics Conference for High School Students, (Summer 2003). 
  6. Member of “Physics Demonstration Designers” for Fundamental Physics Courses at Sharif University of Technology, (2001- 2002).
  7. Holding the Conference on “Active Physics Areas in Physics Department of Sharif University of Technology”, Tehran, Iran, (Fall 2001).
  8. Member of “Popularization of Science” Group in the committee of World Year of Physics in Iran, (2005).
  9. Member of "Extra Curricular Activities" group in Physics Department of SUT, (2000 - 2004).
  10. Member of Physics Department’s female Basketball Team, (2002 - 2004).
  11. Member of Physics Student Syndicate of Sharif University (May 2001- May 2002). 
  12. Member of  Amateur Astronomy Group in Sharif University of Technology (Jan. 2000 - Jan. 2002)