Korean Thanksgiving: Hangawee (or Chuseok) (2018)

Korean Thanksgiving: Hangawee (or Chuseok) (2018)

Very delicious Korean food.

Archery (2012)

Archery (2012)

Patience is important sometimes...

Mt. Assiniboine Hike (2 days, ~60km, Summer 2011)

Destination in sight

At the first summit: Today's destination in sight...

Citadel Pass

At Citadel Pass, leaving Alberta and Banff National Park and entering BC and Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park

Descending into Golden Valley

Descending into Golden Valley


Another hiker is having a snack, human beef jerky is not on his menu, today...

Lake Magog

After >30km, finally descending to Lake Magog and Mt. Assiniboine.

Regaining strength

Regaining strength for the second day

Trail negotiation

Trail negotiation

Back at Mt Shark

... and back at the second car at Mt. Shark

BBQ at Jörn's House (Summer 2011)

BBQ at Joern's

The group is gathering together.

BBQ at Joern's

Challenging the fire insurance.

BBQ at Joern's

The Brazilians are in time.

Barrier Lake & Prairie View Hike (Kananaskis Country Summer 2011)

Barrier Lake before

Fresh before the hike...

Barrier Lake after

and after the hike...

Barrier Lake close to summit

Close to the summit

Mt. Allan Hike (Kananaskis Country Summer 2011)

Mt Allan summit

Finally at the summit after a >1500m elevation gain...

Rafting trip Kananaskis (Summer 2008)

Group photo

A group photo to start the trip.

Adventure begins

And the adventure begins.

Fun on rapids

Fun on rapids!!!

Post-rafting BBQ

Post rafting BBQ...