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Welcome to the Colicos Lab website. Our laboratory focuses on the study of synaptic physiology and remodeling, or in other words, how the connections between the neurons in your brain function and change. By understanding more about this we hope to understand more about how the brain works, and importantly, how to help when something goes wrong. Much of our research is focused toward understanding Autism, Epilepsy and MS, working on strategies to treat or even prevent these conditions. To accomplish our goals, we use a unique technology, which involves interfacing living neurons with silicon technology, which not only allows us to learn a lot about how neurons communicate, but also devise devices such as anti-epileptic drug screening tools, and even bio-computational devices.

On the site we have some information about the projects that are going on in the lab, the people that work here, and some other information about how we do things that you might find interesting. I hope you enjoy visiting, and please get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like to get involved with the work that we are doing here. Thanks for stopping by!

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