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UCalgary Mindfulness podcast presents Stepping Out of Reactivity, an eight-part mindfulness series. The practice of mindfulness is for everyone. It is a meditation practice that can reduce stress and anxiety and improve attention and creativity, supporting our daily functioning. Subscribe for new episodes, released weekly.

This podcast is brought to you by the University of Calgary’s Campus Mental Health Strategy-- a bold commitment to the importance of mental health and well-being of our university family. Find resources and information about the strategy here.

Our first season of mindfulness is led by UCalgary Nursing doctoral student Julia Imanoff, MN, RN, PNC (C) and instructor Justin Burkett BN RN, Masters Student. This duo have conducted many mindfulness sessions in conjunction with UCalgary Nursing. Explore UCalgary Nursing’s mental wellness initiatives and resources here.

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This session rotates through a series of awareness exercises. A meditative technique borrowed from yoga nidra, this practice is good for rejuvenating the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of life. This meditation can be practiced any time of day, but is particularly useful at bedtime. Facilitated by Justin Burkett BN RN, Masters Student. 

Practice two movement-based meditations that explore ways to anchor awareness in the moving body. This session incorporates a mindful movement meditation followed by a mindful walking meditation. Pair with a body scan for an even more reflective practice on how this meditation feels in the body. Facilitated by UCalgary Nursing doctoral student Julia Imanoff, MN, RN, PNC (C) 

This mindfulness meditation opens space to nurture and support connection—whether cultivating connection to selves, those around us, or the earth beneath and above us. Facilitated by Justin Burkett BN RN, Masters Student.

Explore three short focus and concentration-based practices to support situations of high stress or reactivity. These practices are centred around the idea of acceptance (or receiving what is offered or what is present). This episode starts with a mantra or affirmation statement, shifts to a breathing exercise, then ends with a three-minute breathing meditation. Facilitated by UCalgary Nursing doctoral student Julia Imanoff, MN, RN, PNC (C) 

Sometimes the wisest way of responding is to do nothing at all. The ‘do nothing’ technique discussed and practiced in this meditation develops three mindfulness skills: concentration, clarity and equanimity. Facilitated by Justin Burkett BN RN, Masters Student.

Join us for an activity-based session to help better understand the way our daily routines can affect us. Learn how to relate differently to these experiences, whether they are nourishing, neutral, or depleting, and whether practicing mindful awareness may encourage ways to reframe or balance perceptions of these activities. Facilitated by UCalgary Nursing doctoral student Julia Imanoff, MN, RN, PNC (C)

Reduce biological stress in this 15-minute meditation technique, Body Scan. An effective method in reducing biological stress. Facilitated by Justin Burkett BN RN, Masters Student.

This five-minute mindfulness meditation episode supports mindful eating and requires a handful of finger food such as raisins, dried fruit or nuts, a piece of paper and a pen. The raisin meditation can help bring our focus to the present moment. Facilitated by Julia Imanoff, MN, RN, PNC (C).

Develop a different relationship with your thoughts, emotions, and body sensations. Meditation begins at 5:15. Hosted by UCalgary Nursing doctoral student Julia Imanoff, MN, RN, PNC (C)



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