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Discover Your Strengths

What are you good at? Are you a relationship builder? Do you like to make things happen? Do you thrive when competing? CliftonStrengths (CS) assessment can help you answer these questions. Explore which qualities make you who you are. Start by following the instructions below.

How Does it Work?

Discovering Your Strengths begins with a 30–40-minute inventory which seeks preferences and tendencies in a variety of situations. Users are then provided with their Top 5 Themes of Talent – five qualities that explain uniqueness.

Students can then engage in UCalgary leadership programming, academic and career advising and campus activities that leverage the power of strengths and talents to inspire personal growth and help contribute to a thriving community.

Why are Strengths important?

UCalgary is committed to creating a campus environment that supports the development of students’ individual and collective strengths and well-being.

At UCalgary, students are welcomed onto campus knowing that their unique strengths and attributes are recognized, celebrated and fostered throughout their university experiences.

How to get started

To Discover Your Strengths, register to attend a Strengths workshop or request a strengths assessment using this form.


Next steps with CliftonStrengths

For further exploration, your CliftonStrengths account has an e-book called CliftonStrengths for Students, the activity guide on How Students Can Use Their CliftonStrengths to Succeed, along with several other reports, printable handouts and resources. Gallup has a series of videos on each of the 34 themes on their YouTube Channel and a recently launched Podcast Series for listeners. Looking through a Teamwork lens, this page has some great information on The Four Domains.

Here are additional steps in exploring personal CliftonStrengths themes:

Step 1

Share your talent themes with family members, friends, professors and co-workers and ask them how they envision you using your strengths. We each know ourselves best, but the people in our lives often see ways we use our strengths that we don’t recognize.

Step 2

Reflect on how you can best use your strengths to approach any academic, professional or personal challenges you may be facing.

Step 3

In group projects, have each team member take their Clifton Strengths Inventory and then discuss how each member’s strengths can contribute to the success of your work together. They can request their Strengths code here.

Step 4

Book an appointment with a career advisor at  the Centre for Career & Personal Development and learn how to articulate your Strengths in your cover letter, resume and interview answers.