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Micro-Placements for Students

Want to try on a career for size? Need to build up your experience?

Explore various fields and areas of work, develop essential skills, connect with future employers and complete resume-building projects with micro-placements. 

Micro-placements are project-based opportunities that offer flexibility with a short-term commitment. They can help you:

  • Find experience that fits within a school schedule
  • Increase your variety of experiences
  • Try new career options and pathways
  • Build your professional network
  • Be part of real projects with potential employers

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Student Eligibility

All UCalgary students are welcomed to participate!

  1. Undergraduate students
  2. Graduate students
  3. International students
  4. Alumni (with referral from Alumni)

Need help signing up?

Review our registration guide for a step-by-step process.

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Have a question about Micro-Placements? Email for help.

How does a micro-placement work?


Micro-placements are managed through the Elevate platform, which all UCalgary students have access to.

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Browse opportunities

Once you've registered and completed the necessary steps, look through the range of industry projects that are being offered by partner organizations and companies.

Start and complete a placement

If you're interested in pursuing a particular project, we will do our best to get you started as soon as possible so that you can meet with the partner organization to arrange the placement details.

Try another or move forward

After completing the project, you can pursue another one! Just head back to Elevate to apply again.

If you're ready to take another step in your career development, you can look into a co-op/internship with your faculty, or search for jobs on the Elevate job board.

“These experiences offer a wide range of benefits, from skill development and networking to enhancing your resume with room to balance academic commitments while gaining valuable experience.”— Safia Ihsan Ali, Biomedical Engineering graduate student. Read more

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! International students are eligible to apply for micro-placements. In fact, this is a fantastic way to meet employers and demonstrate your skills prior to beginning the search for co-op, internships or full-time positions.

Yes! This program is open to graduate students which offers employers more options.

Whenever works for you. Micro-placements offer ultimate flexibility, with the ability to work onsite or remotely with an employer. You will arrange a schedule and timeline that works for both parties.

Employers have the option of offering paid or unpaid micro-placements.

As you complete your application, you can rank the opportunities that you are most interested in. We will try our best to match you based on your preference.

Yes! You can complete multiple placements so that you can really experience different fields and opportunities.

We're always recruiting employers for this program! Some areas include: Arts and Culture (entertainment, design, event planning), Business (consulting, marketing, operations), STEM (programming, data science, UI/UX), Healthcare (medicine, rehab), Public Service (education, non-profit, government).

This program is not connected to any of your academics. These micro-placements are designed to help build your professional skills and experience while exploring and learning workplaces.