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Leadership Workshops

The Leadership for a Better World program is open to all current students. This workshop series is a transformative journey toward becoming purpose-driven Leaders for a Better World. Become equipped with the skills and mindset to lead authentically, sustainably and compassionately. Additionally, monthly offerings of the Leadership Speaker Series allows the community to come together and connect in conversation with diverse UCalgary leaders over lunch to further relate, embody and enact Leadership for a Better World.

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Interested in learning more about who you are as a leader, and ways to keep building your leadership toolkit? Check out our leadership workshop and leadership speaker series.

Leadership Workshop Series

Leadership and Self-Awareness

Dive into understanding how beliefs, values, attitudes and emotions motivate, inspire and empower a unique leadership style. This session will allow you to reflect on parts of your story that have brought you to become the leader you are today. Discussions will be relfective and connect our stories to examine each leadership journey and define how to embody Leadership for a Better World through self-awareness.

Leadership and Congruence

Explore how self-awareness influences authentic and values-based leadership. Share your story with your peers and engage values, inspire integrity, and develop goals reflecting your core sense of self to confidently journey towards Leadership for a Better World.

Leadership and Commitment

In this workshop, identify tools and action steps to continually empower leadership callings on beliefs, values and passion to building resiliency and fueling your fire. Discussions will cover unique motivational drivers to conquer internal critics, external factors, and burnout to sustain Leadership for a Better World.

Leadership Speaker Series

Thursday Talks with Leaders

The intention of the Leadership Speaker Series is to create safe, courageous, and ethical spaces of leadership learning through conversation and connection. The conversations in this series have been crafted closely relating to the content of the Leadership for a Better World programming providing students real-life and personal examples to further relate, embody and enact the Personal Leadership values: Self-Awareness, Commitment and Congruence.

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