Partner with the Centre for Career and Personal Development (CCPD) to engage with UCalgary students and alumni.

The Centre for Career and Personal Development (CCPD) provides employers with multiple opportunities to connect with the most talented individuals at the University of Calgary. Through a collaborative approach, recruitment and marketing strategies are tailored to align with your organization’s needs and objectives.

Choose from a diverse portfolio of events designed to  increase visibility of your company and foster impactful connections on campus. From large-scale, high-volume events to more focused gatherings with deeper engagement, CCPD can support your recruitment needs.

Partner with CCPD to begin connecting with exceptional students and alumni, and ensure your organization thrives amongst competition. 


Start with Elevate!

Leverage resources and opportunities available through CCPD. Elevate is a central platform that serves as a gateway to post jobs, register and schedule events, and coordinate marketing activities. 

Simply use your employer account and to get started. If your organization does not have an employer account yet, please fill out this form to get started.

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How can we support you?

CCPD is committed to supporting your organization’s recruitment goals, establishing a strong campus presence, and providing work-integrated learning and micro-placement opportunities. For more details about upcoming events and services offered, click here.

Questions? Email Employer Relations Specialists at

Book a recruitment consultation by visiting the online booking calendar. 


Engaging events

CCPD provides dynamic opportunities for organizations to discover the next generation of industry leaders.

Register for a career fair

Make a big impact and reach a wide audience by registering for an upcoming career fair, where companies from all sectors are welcomed. These events are a fantastic opportunity to increase exposure for companies and attract students from diverse disciplines who are eager to begin their career journey. A variety of fairs take place throughout the year to ensure companies can target specific student populations that align with your recruitment needs. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to engage with talented students and graduates from a wide range of disciplines. 

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Host an Employer Information Session

Be the host of an information session to engage with a smaller group of students. These sessions provide a platform for companies to showcase corporate culture, promote brand and stand out from the competition.

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Discover top talent on campus

If your organization is ready to hire a UCalgary student, begin by posting opportunities for free on the campus-wide job board, Elevate. 

Support for scheduling and organizing on-campus interviewing is also available.

Alcohol, tobacco and cannabis companies

If your company operates in the alcohol, cannabis, or tobacco industry we are unable to accept any form of sponsorship of student events. It is the company’s responsibility to ensure a corporate booth/display and any featured postings conform to the requirements of the relevant legislation. Email to discuss the best way for you to support a successful event or fair.