Discover job opportunities and network with recruiters

Learn about organizations and opportunities to engage with recruiters. Information sessions provide students with valuable insights into a company’s values, work environment and overall culture. Employers use these sessions to highlight current and future job openings. This is a great opportunity for networking with recruiters, professionals and other students. Building connections and establishing relationships with industry experts can lead to mentorship, referrals and potential job offers in the future.

These sessions are tailor-made for ambitious students who are eager to expand their professional network and gain invaluable knowledge about potential roles within specific organizations. 

Attending an information session provides inside knowledge about a company’s hiring process, preferred qualifications and desired skills. This information can allow job seekers to tailor their application materials and interview responses to better align with the company’s expectations. These types of face-to-face or virtual interaction can help students make a memorable impression and stand out from other applicants, allowing for an advantage during the job selection process. 

Information sessions offer an opportunity to learn more about a specific organization, industry trends and career paths. Gain valuable knowledge about industry challenges, growth potential and professional development opportunities, which can help to make informed career decisions.

Expand professional networks, access hidden job opportunities, and gain valuable insights that can accelerate career growth.

Watch our Career Clip on networking

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