Life Design Workshops and Programming

Life Design workshops and events give students the tools that they need to imagine and plan for their personal and professional futures. Programming is offered as a series of ongoing workshops and events, and is free and available for students throughout the academic year.

Create an action plan for your future

Life Design programs are available as pre-registered workshop sessions and are available to all UCalgary students. In these sessions, students use design tools to understand and re-frame unhelpful thinking, set future goals and create solutions for short and long-term challenges that they’re facing.

Unlock your potential with the Design your UCalgary Coaching Program.

Join a group of students interested in exploring topics like:

  • the value of university,
  • how to plan academics,
  • envision a future career, and
  • address tough problems.

Based on Stanford University’s popular “Designing your Life” courses — this program is designed to help students understand how to get the most out of university experience.

What to expect?

Two learning and networking events will take place during a coaching term where students will have the opportunity to meet a small group of people including a campus staff member who will provide guidance on goal setting and pathways to achieving your personal, professional and academic goals. This is a type of group coaching method which is an innovative approach to help participants get motivated, supported, and connected as you work on your goals, or explore how to have a fulfilling experience in university and beyond.

Applications for the fall coaching cohort are open until September 18, 2023.


Group coaching is where like-minded students interested in exploring how design thinking can help with achieving academic, professional and personal goals are grouped together. They are assigned a dedicated staff member who coaches the group through engaging design thinking learning and activities. Group coaching is flexible, supportive and helps connect people throughout the campus community.

Through lively discussions, engaging activities and targeted guidance, Life Design Coaching helps:

  • Clarify a path forward: Explore personal interests and align university experience with goals
  • Overcome obstacles: Learn to navigate challenges and effectively make difficult decisions moving through the university experience
  • Cultivate connections: Find motivation and support from like-minded peers and a supportive coach
  • How design thinking can help with personal, academic and career planning
  • Exploring interests and co-curriculars
  • Goal setting and problem solving
  • Managing time and energy
  • Networking and connecting with campus resources to help meet goals

There are two group meetings, one in October and November.

Kick-off will take place on Sept. 29, 2023 and the wrap-up celebration will be on Nov. 24, 2023.