People gathered in a classroom discussing strategic planning.

Strategic planning inputs to strategy: Internal data

Strategic plans at the University of Calgary are developed using the IECB Framework that brings together [I]nternal data sources, [E]xternal analyses, [C]onsultation with communities and [B]est practices as articulated and proven by scholars and professionals at the university and beyond.

Internal data sources include existing strategic plans and decisions that have been made to date on the direction of the University.  We look to our current plans to ensure we are building upon previous activity and only consciously making decisions to continue or set aside previous strategic decisions.

This is particularly important in a university context because the University of Calgary is a complex environment where tens of thousands of people work towards collective, shared and individual goals and the Institution-wide plan does not account for everything we do.

Accordingly, other plans provide both guidance and context to university-wide strategic planning.

The following plans were reviewed as part of the Strategic Planning Working Group’s internal analysis:

  • Academic Plan 2018-2023 
  • Campus Mental Health Strategy  
  • Experiential Learning Plan 2020-2025 
  • Eyes High Strategy 2017-2022 
  • Faculty and Unit Strategic Plans 
  • Framework for Growth 
  • Global Engagement Plan 2020-2025 
  • ii 'taa'poh'to'p: Together in a Good Way: Indigenous Strategy  
  • Institutional Sustainability Strategy 2016-2024 
  • Investment Management Agreement 2022-2025 
  • Long Range Development Plans (Main Campus and W.A. Ranches) 
  • Plans Guiding Each Research Theme: 
    • Energy Innovations for Today and Tomorrow 
    • Infections, Inflammation and Chronic Diseases 
    • Human Dynamics in a Changing World 
    • Engineering Solutions for Health: Biomedical Engineering  
    • New Earth-Space Technologies  
    • Brain and Mental Health  
    • Child Health & Wellness 
    • One Health  
  • Research Plan 2018-2023 
  • Wherever Life Takes You: Alumni Engagement Plan