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The IECB framework for strategic planning

The University of Calgary strategic framework is developed to bring people together.

Strategic plans at the University of Calgary use the IECB framework:

Internal data

Internal data sources such as existing strategic plans and decisions that have been made to date on the direction of the University.

External data

External data sources such as provincial government frameworks, federal strategies and sector-wide planning documents as well as market analyses and reviews of the political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal forces that drive decision making.


Consultation with the affected groups both internal to our University campuses and within the broader community.

Best practices

Best practices as articulated and proven by the global community of scholars and professionals who study strategy, planning, higher education, culture and other related topics.

The framework strikes a balance between: where we have been with where we want to go; expertise and community opinion; and the need to set clear, inspiring direction but also ensure the plan encompasses the breadth of activities that occur at a research university