Job Scams 101

Wondering how can you tell which job opportunities are genuine and which aren’t? 

Important dates

Your 2019 tax receipts are ready

You can now download your 2019 T2202 education and tax receipt through your Student Centre. If you received a scholarship in 2019, you can also access your T4A slip through your Student Centre. View more details and instructions.

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Your money

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Student peer assistance bursary

Awards, scholarships and bursaries

This bursary is available for students with demonstrated financial need who have exhausted all of their resources. Apply by April 29.  

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Student leadership applications open

Student leadership applications open

These awards recognize the accomplishments of highly engaged undergraduate students, their contributions to their communities, and their pursuit to better themselves and invest in the lives of others.

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Budget-friendly activities for social distancing

Suffering from cabin fever? Check out our recommendations for making the most of isolation.

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Funding your education

You'll likely use a variety of sources to cover the costs of attending university. This might include awards, scholarships, bursaries, RESPs, money from your family, a part-time job or student loans. 

Tuition and Fees

Learn about the mandatory and optional costs that are included in your tuition and general fees. 

Your tuition and fees

Awards and Scholarships

A variety of scholarships and bursaries are available to UCalgary students, both through the university and from external sources.

About awards and scholarships

Student Loans

Government student loans and grants are available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents who are studying full- or part-time. You'll apply through your home province or territory of residence.  

More about student loans

Wondering how much your degree will cost? Create a customized estimate with our online cost estimator.