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Addressing harassment online

The Comments Section: Addressing Harassment Online is a facilitated session that discusses what online harassment is (and isn’t), and what the potential impacts of it can be. The next workshop is Aug. 17.  

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Learn about harm reduction

On Aug. 10, learn about the harm reduction approach, and gain strategies for reducing harms related to substance and alcohol use.

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University 101

University 101s with Professor Rex

Are you new to campus? Enrolment Services is hosting workshops this summer to help you understand different aspects of university life and the various tools you may use along the way.

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Enrich your UCalgary experience by volunteering, joining a club, running for student council and much more. 

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Find a space to study, park or eat. Learn how to get around campus and the city. Maintain your campus and the environment. Get resources and support. Visit the services available - we can help make sure your needs are met.