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Strategic planning inputs to strategy: External analyses

Strategic plans at the University of Calgary are developed using the IECB Framework that brings together [I]nternal data sources, [E]xternal analyses, [C]onsultation with communities and [B]est practices as articulated and proven by scholars and professionals at the university and beyond.

External data sources include information such as government frameworks, sector-wide planning and market/landscape analyses identified by both the Strategic Planning Working Group and members of the University of Calgary community.

To begin external analysis, the Strategic Planning Working Group reviewed a broad assortment of statistical data, academic literature, and public opinion research. Additionally, since November 2022, members of the campus community have been invited to submit documents through an online drop box that they thought should be considered in the development of the next strategic plan. Twenty-eight documents were received as of March 4, 2023.

Information has been summarized into short briefings that capture key findings in eleven different topics. These briefings were designed to present the facts as understood and not layer on analysis; they do not pass judgment on whether an identified trend is a “good thing” or a “bad thing.”